tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Blue orchids for life. Let’s hope I can keep this one alive? Give me your tips! Yes… for like the fourth time.

2. I’ve spent the last few days so cuddled up with a newborn that I have barely moved. We’ve been binging on Christmas movies, music and lights on the tree. I can’t wait to write more about it because I don’t want to forget these moments. Favorite holiday movie? I have multiples but Christmas Vacation is probably the first with Love Actually coming in at a close second. Oh! And the Family Stone. GAH.

3. With that being said, I think this s’mores hot cocoa needs to appear in my kitchen rightthissecond. Eddie has been feeding me nearly every meal and I think he can do this, no?

4. YOU GUYS. Many of you think I’m making and posting recipes right now with a baby. Um no. That was my nesting phase. I have quite possibly some of my most favorite holiday things ever coming this week and next – and tomorrow is going to be ALL about cheese.

5. My friend Rachel lived according to the Pinterest popular page. Man I love her.

6. Uh, we need to talk the SOA episode! I wasn’t totally shocked and thought some was slightly predictable, but I still liked it.  I was in tears multiple times. Also, that and Nashville were the last things I watched before going into labor, whatever that tells you. I hope Nashville will stop the typical Grey’s Anatomy (Meredith/Derek) run around soon. Hello new storylines please! The Affair freaked me out and I’m not sure it was the best thing to watch having a 3-day old baby, but Eddie and I were all OMG at the ending. And Homeland was pretty crazy too, just ups my love for Quinn. What a hot nutcase.

7. Every year… one of the most hilarious parts of the season is the haters guide to the williams sonoma catalog. YES. [Sidenote: I did eat about ten handfuls of the peppermint bark the night I was in labor (but didn’t KNOW!)… my dad brought it home. I’d kill for some right now.]

8. My appetite is so insane that in the ten minutes it took for my breakfast to be made this morning, I ate a piece of cake. Like HAD TO HAVE THE CAKE. First and second breakfast for the win.