Big things this week!

life with max: five weeks in I

Someone learned how to SMILE.

I thought I was going to fall over and die. It was the cutest thing in the universe. Now he is smiling ALL the time and it’s completely ridiculous. His smile combined with his Elvis lip curl, constant furrowed brow and inquisitve looks? I just crack up constantly. I melt. I am the parent I never thought I would be.

We’ve totally become those people that tell each other every little thing he does when the other isn’t looking because it’s OMGSOCUTE. Like I actually text Eddie throughout the day to tell him the most mundane (read: amazing) things that he does. I mean, trust me, it’s things YOU wouldn’t really think are cute. It’s the because-it’s-my-child, normal type of everyday behavior, such as smiles, sleeps and whatnot that are totally not unusual but so magical since it’s our first time witnessing said things in a mini human.

life with max: five weeks in I

Smiles weren’t the only things that happened in week five:

I can’t get over his blondish red eyelashes. YES. They are completely on their way to ginger town and it’s incredible and perfect and I sit and stare at my child’s freaking EYELASHES for an hour at a time. I could sit and stare at them and be completely enthralled for the entire day.

This is all so very shocking to me too.

The way he naps is another thing we find insanely hilarious. I don’t swaddle him for naps and he usually naps in the rock and play while we are downstairs. And it never fails – every single nap, his hands wind up in the air. Like not just above his head. Like legit IN MID AIR. He just reaches them out in front of him and continues to snooze. Or he throws them to the side and it looks like he is doing the hula. Or one goes straight out and the other goes up. It makes my entire day.

He’s getting perfectly chunky. It’s dreamy.

Some of his newborn clothes are fitting just a BIT too perfect, which makes me sad because it means he’s on his way out of them. My mom got him the outfit above for Christmas and out of everything he has (which is a ridiculous amount of clothing – and I haven’t even got to buy one outfit yet), it’s my favorite thing. It’s velour and cozy and too adorable.

His sweetness just blows my mind. I know that sounds utterly ridiculous but one word I would use to describe him is SWEET. He is just the sweetest little guy. He has the sweetest smile and sweetest eyes and just constantly wants to cuddle. I’m trying to live it up because I know it won’t last forever. But whatever. I’m in denial.

life with max: five weeks in I

He is still so squeaky and squealy! His face lights up when he squeals, just like the one above. He’s happiest in the morning and night, but he’s still pretty happy all day long too. He doesn’t really like to sleep… like, ever. His eyes are always wide open – like always. It seems that he loves to take everything in. It makes me appreciate so much more, the every day little things.

When people asked me what I was most excited about when I was pregnant, I said that I couldn’t wait to experience things through a child’s eyes, probably because I’m such a nostalgic crazy person. And it’s definitely true, but when I said it back then, I meant more like holidays and big experiences. I never realized it would be the little things, like every day life.

Ugh. I’m such a mush face. Let’s just say I’m thrilled I have this space to let it all out. Thanks for listening to my first time parent, my-child-is-my-life rambles.

P.S. this is a super new Friday night for me. Whoa.