Where have the last six weeks gone? WAH.

life with max: six weeks in I howsweeteats.com

As I’ve repeated ten thousand times before, I have savored every moment and I still have no idea where the time has gone. It’s been such a (wonderful) haze that I can’t even remember the last six weeks, which makes me so happy I’ve done a few of these posts. I already am wishing I could have those moments back. Sitting on the couch with him, staring at the lit Christmas tree when he was just days old seems like it was eons ago.

These days, he is already more squirmy and not as willing to fall asleep on my chest because he wants to look around at everything and squeal. How does that happen already?! Cue emoji with tears pouring down face.

life with max: six weeks in I howsweeteats.com

Week six brought new adventures:

He and I headed out solo for the first time ever and we survived. We only ran two errands, and I’d take him out of the carseat and stick him in my solly baby wrap. I love that thing so much and so does he. He gets all curled up like a little ball and is super snuggly.

Two days later, the three of us we took another adventure with no meltdowns. On either part. WINNING.

And on Monday morning, I quickly ran to the grocery store with him. Never did I ever think these would be considered accomplishments in my mind.

I’ve also somehow managed to get it together enough to get downstairs by 9AM or so, which used to pretty much be lunchtime for me. That’s a huge leap from the noon or 1PM starting time we had before. Man. I don’t even know how to explain that unless you’ve lived it.

I’m DESPERATE for some warmer weather so we can walk outside. I know I can take him to a mall or something and walk around, but it’s been so freezing that I hate the idea of transporting him in the freezing weather. Hibernation is where it’s AT.

life with max: six weeks in I howsweeteats.com

This week I also taught a cooking class that had been scheduled previously to having him, back when I knew nothing and clearly was way too ambitious in thinking I could be away from him for 8ish hours. Why didn’t anyone tell me that at six weeks, he’d still be eating constantly and I’d never ever ever ever ever want to leave him?

It was nice to have some adult interaction but I also wanted to have a massive meltdown. However, it got me out, we survived and all was well. I definitely was NOT on my game and my head was kind of in a fog… but who knows how long that may go on! My once-killer memory is still slacking, I just hope it’s not MIA forever.

[Speaking of eating constantly, OMG I cannot stop eating. I am STARVING. I have never been so hungry. You may remember that I had zero appetite during my pregnancy and now it’s in full force. I can’t get enough food, I’m so thirsty and downing a ridiculous amount of water and coconut water daily… AND am in the terrible (wonderful?) habit of making chocolate chip cookies from my freezer stash every night. Oops.]

life with max: six weeks in I howsweeteats.com

I still love waking up with him in the middle of the night. I adore feeding him. I love spending all day with him. Every Monday morning, Eddie is devastated to leave and go back to work after getting to spend extra time with him. I don’t know why we didn’t expect to be this in love. I guess it’s just something you need to experience first hand? I mean, obviously we knew we’d love him, but the level it’s on is UNREAL. Clearly, considering I scheduled things for when he was six weeks and Eddie bought concert tickets for when he is eight weeks old that we now can’t even fathom using.

We never thought we’d be the parents that wouldn’t want to leave him but OMG… we don’t want to spend a second away right now. I’m sure that will change at some point and I know we need date nights, blah blah blah, but it’s just so crazy to even think about. Part of me wonders if it is our age. Especially Eddie. Like we knew we always wanted kids, but finally having one and experiencing what it’s like after waiting to have one? Magic. So much magic.

And I also wonder if it has anything to do with us not feeling so invincible anymore, like not being in our twenties and knowing a bit more about how precious life is after those extra experiences. I don’t know. I’m rambly and that probably sounds wacky, but at 32 and 41 we definitely appreciate little moments and everyday life more than we both did at 23 or 25. You know?

I just feel so lucky and so happy. Like why do we get to be so lucky? I very much KNOW how lucky I am and am so grateful for it. Some of the days are super long and of course some are really hard, but thinking about this little dude I’ve been given keeps me from getting frustrated or melting down. I haven’t really had any time to myself since he was born, but I was prepared for that. I mean, who knows – maybe my meltdown point will come at eight weeks or something, but I am just feeling really good right now. Besides fearing that I won’t have a full night’s sleep until he’s 33 due to the worry wart in me. Whomp whomp.

The moral of this story is: it just keeps getting better. Even when I think there is no way it possibly can. It does!

Okay up next: baby favorites! Going to tell you everything we’ve loved the last six weeks. YES. And then, freezer meal update.