tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Miracles do happen: bacon wrapped onion rings. Whoa whoa whoa.

2. Ummm can we talk about how incredible Jane Fonda looked at the Golden Globes? Like… she is almost 80. WHAT.

3. I am completely smitten with Ashley’s new book, and these are her chocolate chip cookies above in the photo. I might have an issue with making a few every… single… afternoon. Yep.

4. Remember the Friends episode with Phoebe and the smoke detector chirping? This is currently our life. They are chirping like they need new batteries, and last night after Eddie removed ALL the batteries to put in new ones, they KEPT CHIRPING. Then they mysteriously stopped. Now they started up again randomly. I can’t reach them. We are both going to lose our minds. Chirp chirp.

5. Target has a mug with a unicorn in it and of course I had to get it because I’m a marketer’s dream and also a child.

6. TV TV! Did you watch Girls? I have to say that I watched the marathons the past two weeks since I live on the couch and was fairly horrified that I watch the show at all. Such a love/hate thing for me. I do think that Elijah was the BEST part of the show. He is so funny. Like taking-over-Shoshanna funny. And I loved what he said to Marnie outside the jazz brunch. TRUTH. I want to voice record it and play it for myself every morning.

7. I’ve been eating breakfast for every single meal of the day. For real. Like eggs, toast, oatmeal, pancakes, smoothies – every meal. Currently having a love affair with the olive oil fried egg.

8. This instagram account is everything.

9. Raise your hand if your Christmas decor is still up. I predict that I’ll manage to get it down in… March. Halp.