tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Not only am I addicted to making chocolate chip cookies every night, we are eating a gigantic bowl of popcorn too. It’s a vegetable! A whole grain! Yeah this wouldn’t be an issue if bacon grease and butter weren’t included.

2. I’m attempting to clean out my magazine stash today. It is truly horrifying. It may bury me. It puts me at hoarder status.

3. Dying for these crispy tempeh caesar wraps. This looks SO good.

4. Yesterday, a neighbor that we had yet to meet came and plowed our driveway. It almost made me cry. Kindness people, kindness!

5. Tonnnns of new baby posts are live, including our baby favorites over the last six weeks. I want to eat his little cheeks.

6. Going to the store with a newborn has taught me one thing: I can’t be an idiot and try to carry 23 bags into the house at once. Because, like, why would I want to make multiple trips?

7. GIRLS is ridiculous and I had so much second hand embarrassment for Marnie, but in a different way that I usually have it for Hannah. Does anyone else get the vibe that Adam + Jessa might hook up? Yikes yikes. Ummm I also started watching The Bachelor seriously for the first time in probably five years. It kills me. An oldie but goodie – we’ve been rewatching The Office from the beginning on Netflix and laughing so hard that our stomachs hurt. I forgot how hilarious some of those first episodes are.

8. Uh – my life: 20 ways Sweet Valley High defined us. I always wanted to be Jessica (the name, she seemed cooler) but thought I was Elizabeth because I wanted to be a writer.

9. If you want to hear me embarrass myself in a seriously sleep deprived state, you can listen to the new season with sass podcast where I talked to my friends Peabody and Kita and simultaneously tried to keep a baby from crying.

10. There are still a few spots left in my brunch class this coming Saturday! COCKTAILS.

11. What are you making for the super bowl? Telllll me. Send help. I want to make all the dips.