january favorites  I howsweeteats.com

My Whitney English planner. This was a huge favorite many months last year and I couldn’t not get one for 2015. Even the subtle changes they made this year are perfect. I also love the design I picked.

Justin’s white chocolate peanut butter cups. I’ve never been a giant fan of white chocolate but these are SO good. I can’t get enough. Addicted may not even be a strong enough word.

I haven’t read a book this month (WAH!) but when it comes to books, I’ve been absolutely loving Ashley’s Date Night In cookbook. Not only are the recipes incredible, it’s so, so, so stunning. Like so stunning that it must be displayed in my kitchen at all times.

This scarf, but in cream and gray. My mom bought me the red/purple one for my birthday, and at the same time picked up the cream one but gave it to me for Christmas. I’m scarf obsessed, but it is SO warm and gigantic and wonderful.

The crispy olive oil egg. Seriously, I have eaten two of these everyday for the last three weeks.

Third month running: Taylor Swift album. Not even shy about it.

My kate spade square studs. I’ve talked about these for YEARS as my all-time favorite earrings ever. Especially this past month when I’ve worn zero jewelry. They are perfect to throw on and aren’t something that get in Max’s face when I snuggle him.

CITRUS. I am dying over citrus right now, especially grapefruit and blood oranges. I’m taking down one or two whole grapefruits a day (I have an awesome recipe in my book for caramelized grapefruit with whipped ricotta) and could LIVE on them. Yes yes yes. Blood oranges would be the same if they didn’t cost ten million dollars.

Repeat from last month: my beyond yoga leggings. These things are INSANE. They are so warm and smooth and wonderful.

These heart dishes from williams sonoma. Unfortunately they are no longer in stock – BUT! They have been restocked a few times so fingers crossed. I bought the plates and mugs after seeing them on instagram but would kill for the platter. #priorities

Um… robes. Let the record show that I’ve NEVER been a robe person, like ever. Last month I mentioned my new ugg robe that I’m still loving. I practically live in it. But on the occasion that it gets a little too warm, I’ve also been loving this alfani one. It’s so stretchy and awesome. Does this mean I’m a typical mom?

My mom got me this sweatshirt from athleta for Christmas too (clearly I’ve done noooo shopping since mid-December) and IT IS SO SOFT. I’ve lived in it many days – when the robe just won’t cut it.

If you follow me on instagram then you totally already know this: but all of the chocolate chip cookies. My favorite recipe is this one but I also made these two weeks ago and they.were.awesome. I’m eating a cookie or two every night. This is how to live.