Umm so. Is it possible for your own baby to give you baby fever?

life with max: 7 weeks in I

Because that’s how crazy I am over this little chubbalove.


Trust me. I get it. I sound ridiculous. I remember reading (or should I say, ACCIDENTALLY reading blogs/instagram/etc before I was pregnant when I had no interest in really reading about baby stuff) paragraphs by new moms saying how funny their baby was, how their baby made them laugh and so on, and I was like uh, hello, what? There is no way a baby is funny – I mean, adorable, yes, but funny? Hmmm.

WELL. I’m here to tell you that babies are funny. In fact, they are hilarious. I mean, okay, maybe I’ve been stuck inside for too long (like, uh, seven weeks) without much adult interaction and am going a bit stir crazy, but man… Max is wildly entertaining.

His personality kills me and the way his faces change in mere seconds? GAH.

life with max: 7 weeks in I

My personal favorite is the furrowed brow. It’s constant.

Then it erupts in a gigantic gummy smile and I.just.MELT.

This is what week seven means in this house:

Life is starting to seem semi-normal again. Sort of.

He seems utterly HUGE to us, especially when he is in our arms. Like he just looks giant – he has grown so so so much in these seven weeks.

When I feed him around 4:30-5am, instead of putting him back in his bassinest, I let him sleep on my chest and talk to Eddie while he is getting ready to leave for work. Max sleeping on my chest is probably the thing I will miss the most in the universe as he grows. As Eddie was leaving for work the other day, he said “I can’t take it, he just looks like a little gorilla on your chest, like how the baby gorillas hang on their mom’s chest at the zoo?” For some reason I found this to be incredibly adorable/hilarious.

life with max: 7 weeks in I

I will never ever ever get sick of/forget the “mmmm” sound he makes while he is eating. I’m sure it has to do with my love of food, but I’m like man… I love that you love eating so much!

Last week I attempted to do two long days of work back to back – days like I would have done before having him, around ten hours long. Yeah yeah I know, I’m clueless for even thinking it would be possible. By the end of the second day, I had a massive meltdown and was so exhausted and frustrated at how little I could actually get done. Not to mention how I really just wanted to sit and cuddle with him all day. It was at this point that I swear Max “sensed” it or knew I was about to have a breakdown, because he slept a little longer that night and was super chill and happy while hanging out in the kitchen with me the next day. It was the sweetest thing ever. Does this make me insane? Also, I can’t believe that mothers working outside the home only get six weeks of maternity leave as there are still so many things we are working through at seven weeks. That is practically criminal.

I miss him all the time, even when he is asleep right next to me. I still want to be holding him all the time. At the same time, I crave a minute of alone time and then if/when I get it, I miss him SO much. (Wait. Could I say “time” a few more times?) The other night it felt amazing to just be washing my face upstairs while he was downstairs with Eddie and I’m like… ohhh my what is my life.

life with max: 7 weeks in I

I am still DYING to get outside and walk with him in the stroller. Like craving it. Looking forward to it so much. I think it will be my favorite part of everyday once it warms up.

At this point I feel like I will never get a full night’s sleep again in my life and… I don’t even care. A family friend who has kids that are grown with their own children reinforced my thoughts on how I’ll never get this time back. She said not to worry about the house being a wreck (because omg it SO is) because at some point, the kids will be long gone and the house will be spotless and I’ll hope someone comes over to play and mess it up. She said not to worry about sleep, because one day I’ll be sleeping through the night and the kids will be out of the house and I’ll wish for the days where I snuggled my newborn at 3am. Could this BE more true? GAH.

Makes me want to bawl my eyes out.