tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Have you tried the tiramisu latte from Starbucks yet? I’m sort of in love with it. Of course. Like can you even be surprised? My first one tasted very strongly of mascarpone. My second, not so much, but still very delicious.

2. This meringue dream cake. Holy cow. It is my life in cake form. So in love.

3. I hate myself for kind of wanting a backpack purse now. Didn’t I already go through this when I was 13? I think it was last year at this time that I was hating on them. Eating my words. Now I sort of like them. WAH. Hello 1997.

4. Just about had a heart attack last week when I realized that the year 2o00 was FIFTEEN years ago.

5. 15 signs you’re trying to get your act together… BUT. Yeah. Especially #6. And #7.

6. I updated my macbook last week and all of a sudden my text messages started coming to my computer. I’m probably way behind on this but I can’t decide if I love it or hate it. I really hated it at first but now… it’s sort of great. Except the ding it makes with every text?

7. TV TV! Finally I thought the Walking Dead was SO much better this week – but… something has to be off, right? I am really disappointed in GIRLS overall this year, I just find it sort of boring. How freaking funny was Shoshanna’s interviews though? OMG, what a mess. And Elijah. Just give me a show with him, always. 6o minutes of it. How badass was Rayna James in Nashville last week? Eek, love her. Umm I’m still really mourning the loss of Parenthood. Super excited for Friday and House of Cards though. Am I forgetting anything?!

8. Your thoughts on Oscar dresses? I freaking LOVED Rosamund Pike’s dress. Let’s not talk about the fact that we had babies days apart… I also loved Reese’s dress. And I loved Rita Ora’s performance dress. AND I really like Scarlett Johansson’s dress even though it seems like everyone else hated it?

9. This pizza: I’m doing it this week.

10. There’s a bunch of new baby posts on the blog, including some more favorites. Now I’m going to go snack on Max’s chubby little cheeks.