tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. The highlight of the next two weeks of my life is dyeing easter eggs. I am not even kidding. LOVE.IT.

2. Freaking flipping over these cornmeal waffles with fried chicken. OMG.

3. As I mentioned yesterday, I did join snapchat over the weekend (as howsweeteats) and it literally took me all day to figure it out. I was staring at the screen like… wha.. how…? Having no idea what to touch. Well, I somewhat figured it out and shared a cherry chia smoothie on there this morning! Because now I think I’m cool. Is this app meant for 12 year olds who know technology?

4. You know how they say don’t go to the grocery store hungry? I went to the grocery store hungry.

5. Been wanting to try bulletproof coffee but tell me… do I need to buy the beans? They say I have to buy the beans. I don’t want to buy the beans. Too lazy to buy the beans.

6. I’m having a mini life crisis where I really miss my super long hair. It’s growing, but not as fast as I want it to. Wait. When does anything happen as fast as I want it to? #millennial #wearetheworst

7. You know my biggest pet peeve is being late… so this is basically my life every single day. Also… #7? I HAVE IT.

8. GIRLS sort of redeemed itself for me in the final episode. A leeeettle bit. Not a ton but I thought it was slightly better. I was super freaked out by this episode of the Walking Dead. Oh but I loved the little Carl bit! So cute. Is someone going to die next week? You know someone is going to die, I’m sure. UGH. Did you watch the new Netflix series Bloodline? I want to, but am trying to be a productive adult.

9. The daily inner monologue of a freelancer. Giggle giggle. Been THERE once.

10. Once a week or every other I’ve been doing the whole bath thing and I lay there and listen to podcasts. I’m too afraid I’ll drop a book in the water. But you know I listen to podcasts all the time anyway… and I sort of want to start my own. Where I would obviously just ramble about the most useless crap like TV and life and stuff, which is probably the number one thing NOT to do if you want to start a podcast. Maybe I’ve just been in infant land too long and need to get out?

11. Need: guilt free ways to parting with your stuff. Unclutter my life please!