A few weeks ago, we took a little nugget to D.C.

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He was super into it – as you can see. This was waaaaay before the cherry blossoms. Whomp whomp.

It was our first time traveling with a baby, and I use the term “traveling” quite loosely since it didn’t involve an airplane and we simply drove three hours. But still, our first time! Does it count? Can it count? 

Um. I will say though. Our entire car? Which is a fairly large SUV? FILLED TO THE BRIM. Yeah yeah, we could blame this on my issue of taking multiple outfits to choose from because I’m a brat, or the fact that a stroller takes up an obnoxious amount of room (like I don’t even know how) or because I have a husband that has a weird thing where he has to pack three pairs of shoes per day (seriously don’t ask) but really… it’s just the nightmare of two bigtime overpackers taking a baby on their first mini trip and leaving home.

I don’t even want to see the first airplane ride.

(Sidebar: Eddie wanted to bring the WIPE WARMER. He almost packed the wipe warmer. I put a stop to it! (Actually, he forgot and I didn’t remind him. #firsttimeparents))

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We had all kinds of grand plans to eat at some of our favorite places and be crazy tourists, but yeah. We are still learning that oh wow! It’s not all about us anymore! We are lucky because Max is pretty chill and goes with the flow.

So we did go to Shake Shack because CHEESE FRIES. And it was easy. Unless you go at peak lunchtime with said gigantic stroller.

Out of Five Guys, In and Out, Smashburger and Shake Shack… Shake Shack wins for me. Every time. You?

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What else did we do… we went to brunch! Again.

Brunch = life.

We went to Brasserie Beck with Laura and Heidi and I got this crazy ass omelet with fried oysters. Eddie Got some delicious biscuits and seafood gravy thing, which he ate with a half-clothed Max in his arms because we are still learning how to dress a child when it’s freezing outside but warm inside. The answer is not: a footed fleece onesie with a hood.

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Should I make this? I should make this. I’m definitely making it.

Except minus the oranges. I mean, it was delicious, but I’m much more of a strawberry-blueberry-banana type of gal.

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We went to D.C. because I was speaking at IACP and it was a suuuuper short trip. Not that I want to even admit that after telling you our car was overflowing with all the things, but we were only there for a little more than 24 hours. Just enough time for me to do some work things and to go snap a few monument pics that I will never print out but at least have hoarded on a photo sharing site to show my kid that he was on a road trip at 3 months old. Someday. Someday.

Also. There was NO way we were leaving without going the Baked and Wired. Remember when we went last year? Almost one year to the day.

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We attempted to make it there on Saturday afternoon (like right at noon) but HAHAHAHAHAHA joke was on us. An hour+ of traffic later we decided we’d just go on our way home Monday morning, which made me lucky enough to get a mocha the size of my face. And those biscuits that I talked about.

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And. Um.


Yes twelve. A dozen.

I totally could have got three more.

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Can I tell you what we did with these cupcakes? We froze ’em! Okay well not ALL of them, but you know. I’m not exactly a freezer person but I wrapped them tightly with plastic wrap and shoved them in a freezer bag. It totally worked. They deforsted perfectly and we devoured them for a few weekends in a row. Leeeeettle cupcake tastings.

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Other happenings: OMG more brunch.

Yes. I know. More freaking brunch. This time at The Commoner. There were things like pierogi eggs benedict (hello delicious heart attack) and sticky toffee bread pudding and the most incredible chocolate pot de creme I’ve ever tasted. It was like 12 ounces of pure TRUFFLE.

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Annnnnnd I would like this floral chandelier in my home, ASAP. Please and thank you.

If I was crafty I could probably make something like this, but uh, no thanks. I’d rather pay someone a million dollars than attempt a craft as such.

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Oh oh oh.

Below is the birds nest that I mentioned last week – the one that has made it’s home in our front door. The one that is giving me anxiety. Besides giving me a complete heart attack every time I open the door and forget about the nest (I’m waiting for a bird to fly in the house and then I’ll really lose it), now I’m really scarred for life because there were FIVE eggs and now there are only three. WAH. Where did the other eggs go? Do the mama birds, like, pick them up and drop them? And bird people, why is that one egg all speckly and stuff? Creepers.

Also, I realize I sound insane considering the below picture has four eggs, but it was before the fifth appeared and then two disappeared. I SWEAR. Haven’t lost all my marbles yet. Yet.

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I’m still trying to figure out snapchat. I’m embarrassed at my lack of knowing how to use it. Eddie says that instagram is your fun-omg-my-days-are-amazing and styled life, and snapchat is your real-not-so-pretty life. TRUTH.

So, things: 1. you guys have given me so many great book recs lately and I’m sooo getting back in the goodreads game. Promise. 2. my iPhone is on it’s last leg (and the camera is atrocious) and I have like mere MINUTES (okay, days) before I can upgrade without paying a billion dollars and can’t even wait because my phone camera is my liiiife. Do I do the 6 or 6 plus? Eddie has the 6 plus and it’s awesome, but hello, I’m a millennial and need to be able to do things with ONE HAND. Like text and scroll through instagram in the middle of the night. and 3. thanks for being so ridiculously awesome on part one of this random update. Now that I’m mostly caught up from the last two months, I can share some fun things that we are doing.

They don’t include brunch.

Err, well, they probably do, but you know.