tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I have embarrassingly been using way too may freaking smiley faces in my texts and comment responses. Like not even an emoji. Like an actual “:)” – have I reverted to my 22 year old self again? The struggle. To smiley or not to smiley. For years I’ve been extremely anti-smiley unless, of course, it’s an emoji. Now I’m confused.

2. Only have to say it once. FRUITY PEBBLE MERINGUES. Dead.

3. I fear that my email is beyond repair. I used to be great about keeping to around 150 things in my inbox and noooow… I’m at 4500+. How do you manage this? Do you just mass delete and start over? It’s driving me mad.

4. Almost exactly one month ago my Tuesday Things post came complete with a photo of iced coffee. Why is all coffee so photogenic? Like even before I enjoyed coffee, I adored pictures of it. So basic, I know. (but, um, that coffee has VANILLA BEANS!)

5. So we have a bird’s nest with 5 eggs in the wreath of our front door. I’ve never particularly cared for birds but right now I am going INSANE that no one can touch this nest or even COME IN OUR FRONT DOOR because I am so, so, so afraid of the mama bird losing her baby birds. Good Lord, the things that motherhood does to you.

6. We’ve been on the search for some awesome outdoor furniture and made the enormous mistake of, ohhhh you know, just checking out the options from Frontgate. Remember when I did this at Christmas? Three hours later I was convinced we needed a $9400 mosaic-topped patio table and a huge canopy cabana – for our, uh, PATIO – which we can comfortably sit on in Pennsylvania for like four months out of the year. Um no.

7. It has come to a point where I have outplayed my Taylor Swift CD. Like completely broke it from too much playing. It’s been in my car CD player since NOVEMBER. It hasn’t been touched or moved. Nope. It’s just been played 34 billion times.

8. Um, so I super duper LOVED the episode of Mad Men this week. Liked it a lot more than the first one. It still moves slowly at times for me but I feel like that’s sort of good, because every other show (oh hi Nashville) moves ridiculously fast. Like I can’t even deal with how fast Nashville moves. I really want Scarlett and Gunnar together though. Annnnd this is horrifying but the stupid Grey’s previews with “where’s derek?” are sucking me in! They do this EVERY year at the end of the season. Oh oh have you seen the previews for the new True Detective? Can’t even wait.

9. Completely losing it over these comments. Is this even real? Can’t imagine.

10. Ooooh it’s the Sephora VIB sale! Are you buying things? I need approximately negative infinity items from Sephora, buuuut something may accidentally on purpose fall into my online cart.