tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I actually have to return something to Target today. Like, RETURN. I’m not even going to walk around the store. Nope. No way. You will not suck me in.

2. Definitely on the menu tonight: raw sugar and vanilla margaritas. Best ever. Give me lots of salt.

3. The s’mores frapp… way.too.much. I tried it. I thought it was super sickly sweet. Maybe I just wasn’t in a good place. Obviously I’ll probably try it again. However… the cookie straw? OMG yes. Not for sipping so much. More for eating.

4. In this week’s “how basic can you be” point, my avocado toast game is out of control. You don’t even want to know what I’ve been putting on top.

5. My life is made because we ordered some outdoor furniture and all I want to do is sit outside and eat dinner every day of my life. It’s currently pouring rain, so that’s great. 

6. Tips for beating writer’s block. !!!!!

7. Your best party-hosting tips? Go!

8. Holy freaking Mad Men. I’m sort of annoyed that they are spending a chunk of time on the waitress. And what about Joan?! WAAHH. Also, since I’m sucked back into Grey’s for the time being, I thought last week’s episode was terrible. I KNOW WHY AM I WATCHING. I didn’t even understand it and had to keep rewinding. And Nashville – why is it losing it’s charm?? The storylines are just so quick and changing constantly.

9. What looks are you loving from the Met Ball last night?!

10. Totally going to make this coconut butter coffee tomorrow. Oh hi, I’m dead.