Ginger Beer Shandy (Floats!).

Hey hey summer!

ginger beer shandy I

I’m popping in today to tell you that all month long, I’ll be sharing some to-die-for cocktails over at Better Homes and Gardens.

This one just happens to have beer.

And citrus.

And ginger beer!

And sugared ginger. (GAH)

Annnnnd maybe ice cream.

ginger beer shandy I


The shandy itself is so refreshing, a touch spicy and coated with a crystallized ginger rim. (I accidentally said rum. Of course.) It’s lovely alone but if you want to add a scoop of vanilla ice cream? Or lemon sorbet?

ginger beer shandy I

I would forgive you.

You can find the recipe right here – and each Thursday, there will be a new cocktail up. Check it!