tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. If you’re local, this Thursday I’ll be at Penguin Bookshop participating in their writer’s series for a talk on going from blog to book and doing Q and A and fun stuff. Pleeeease come hang out with me?

2. Craving this s’mores pavlova like no other. What I wouldn’t give.

3. Uh, why do I feel like summer is almost over when it just began two days ago? Is this an old person thing? A mom thing? A headcase thing?

4. I just made rosé ice cubes. Life = made.

5. Every summer I talk about finding the BEST pair of nude wedges. Have you found any yet this year? My go-to is usually Sam Edelman but I don’t love this year’s version. And I wear them OUT by the end of summer. Haaaalp me.

6. GUESS WHAT. My little garden is growing! My herbs are on fire and I actually have peppers! I’m blown away. I’m doing it. When we returned home from wedding weekend, everything was going caHrazy.

7. We finished Bloodline and GAH it was so, so good. We both loved it so much. Part of me wishes they would have kept it to one season but I also can’t wait for the next. Did you watch True Detective?! Thoughts? I need to watch it again because it confuses me. Not as confusing as last year though. Annnnd… Vince Vaughn is still the same person. Just serious.

8. Um, these things that all 90s teenage girls did in the summer? Not joking, I’ve been looking for the beach waves spray for years, praying it would be revived. I’ve never had a sea salt spray that worked as well. Also, how did I miss holiday skin (what??) and OMG yes to #11. Um and what the heck is #15? Just no.