tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I’m a leeeeettle bit excited that it’s shark week. But I still wish it was, like, more real life shark stuff and not mega shark monster made up movies. Um, though I guess the real life shark things that are actually happening these days are a bit scary?

2. Pretty sure I just died. Unicorn popcorn rocky road. SHUT UP.

3. Everyday I find myself wishing that my actual macbook had an emoji keyboard. I’m the worst.

4. Our neighbors right across the street put on the most spectacular fireworks show this weekend. Like it was just for the three of us, late on Saturday night, as we were lying across the bed looking out the window. Right? Max loved it.

5. I finally joined the spotify bandwagon (yes, I know, I am late on everything cool) thanks to Bev, who is uploading her monthly music mixes. I listened to it all weekend AND it didn’t even have Mariah Carey on it.

6. Whyyyy do I still get devastated when couples like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner split? Like I KNOW them?!

7. Totally want to try this – a DIY floral ice bucket?! It’s stunning.

8. How about that episode of True Detective? Eeeeep. Super creepy. I haven’t watched any TV other than that… besides the DVRed episodes of Mistresses that I might be hoarding. <– this is why I need the emoji keyboard.

9. 14 snapchats you would have got in the 90s. Ha. So much yes. All I want to do today is play the Oregon Trail.