tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Holy whoa. Dying to try this jalapeno infused moscow mule. Summmmmmer.

2. Ummm did you hear that The Limited Too is returning? Not that this affects me since I’m no longer twelve years old, buuuut. My nostalgia of standing outside of the store in the mall and “modeling” for a few hours is v strong.

3. Ina on insta. #7, yes please.

4. Is it true that your nose never stops growing as you age? I feel like my nose is getting bigger. What in the heck. No lie jokes puhlease.

5. This infographic about working from home? Totally perfect and totally… unattainable for me. I need a personal decorator.

6. I want to buy all the fall clothes already. I’m not ready for summer to end, but I want fall things. Did you get anything fantastic at the nordstrom anniversary sale? Let’s just say black pants and boots.

7. True Detective thoughts?! Eddie wants to grow his hair like Colin Farrell. (No.) I pretend I’m watching Vince Vaughn as a wedding crasher. I want Rachel McAdams to be my BFF and then when I remembered she was in Mean Girls I’m like howwhatwhen? Masters of Sex thoughts? Why do I love it so much? Does anyone else love it as much as me? I have such a mad crush on Michael Sheen. The older kids are killing me, as is all the time jumping.

8. The Tom Cruise lip sync makes me feel all the feels.

9. I’m posting constantly on my snapchat vacation if you’re bored. I question all my snap decisions and ask everyone around me how annoying it is. I am really fun to be around right now.