Heyayaya! Hi. Hello. Let’s be product junkies and talk about it.

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While on vaca last month, I had a few staples that I loved: the sun bum suncreen, the sum bum face stick and chapstick (has anyone tried their hair products?), these first aid beauty travel packets and the ole henriksen cleansing cloths in the travel size. I also took a travel tarteguard sunscreen and am still using that daily on my face. Love it!

Also, I am still SO LOVING (!!!!!) this sephora formula X erase cuticle cream but I can’t find it on the website!! Whyyyyy. I hope it’s not being discontinued. Maybe they are just repackaging it? It’s more expensive on amazon so that scares me. In stores, I believe it is $15. WAH.

The other thing I’ve been blowing through this month are my go-to macadamia oil repair masque and healing oil treatment for my ends. Yes, I found it at TJ Maxx cheaper, but I’m pretty sure this line is also being repackaged (I saw it in Ulta), so I found it on clearance too. My hair is just so wrecked from pregnancy. Please tell me it will return. I’ve even been SO GOOD (read: I have zero time) and rarely blowing drying it or using heat. Whomp whomp.

Anyhoo, on to happier things – my loves this month!

Tarte tartelette blush in Celebrated. I’ve been wearing some bright lips this month and this is perfectly neutral. It’s quite possible this has replaced tarte Exposed as my favorite blush of all time. Maybe. I’m on the fence! We shall see. Either way, tarte blush for liiiiife.

Trader Joe’s a midsummer’s night Moisturizing Cream in extra dry. This is a newer find and totally an impulse purchase if only because I love creams with pumps. It’s FAB. If I use the alba daily shade in the daytime, I don’t love putting it on at night since it has SPF and I’m weird. This truly has ZERO scent (you know when products say that, but still have a scent?? this does not.) and is so rich and thick and creamy. It’s Max-friendly since it’s mild. On a few lazy nights I’ve even slathered it on my face after washing and it never broke me out or anything. Love it.

august beauty favorites I howsweeteats.com

31 by J. Crew. I.love.this.scent. Oh my gosh. I know I’m the rollerball queen but this is HUGE because this is my second 31 rollerball!! Like, how do I even go through perfume?? My friend Natalie bought me this scent for my birthday last year. Since having Max, rollerballs are my go-to because I can feed him, leave the house and put on perfume in the car without making him smell like a bottle of Chanel. This, Bronze Goddess and Fresh Cream have been on major rotation in my purse the last few months. I still have a bit left in my old bottle, but a grabbed another since I love it so.

Caudalie Gentle Cleansing Milk. this.stuff.is.heaven. There could not be a better name for it. It is so gentle, so mild, so creamy – it just feels GOOD on your face. It isn’t enough to take my makeup off, but I’ve been using oil to remove that anyway. So I’ll use an oil first and then rub this in with some water and it’s a dream. Feels fantastic, especially if you have crazy dry skin.

Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipsticks. oh mah gahhhh. I feel like I waited forever for these to come out and I LOVE them. They are by far the best matte lipsticks I’ve tried (read: moisturizing) and don’t make your lips feel like a desert. I want these in every color. I got menace (pink!) and after dark, which is just the coolest fall shade ever. I’ve been wearing them the last two weeks nonstop with just some black eyeliner and mascara.

Loreal Privee Doutzen’s Nude. this is embarrassing. You know why? I bought this last year and misplaced it before I could even use it (we were in the process of moving) and just two weeks ago, my husband found it. In the GARAGE. Of all places. Anyhoo, this is a really flattering shade for my skintone. It’s kind of a mauve-y nude and for a few minutes I was deciding if it was a grandma color. But I love it on my toes. Super pretty and good transition to fall.

august beauty favorites I howsweeteats.com

Essie Urban Jungle. As far as whiter, creamier nudes go, this one works best with my skintone. It’s about as white as I can go for polish without looking ridiculous. It’s not streaky at all and goes with all the things!

Fresh Sugar Nude Lip Balm. SO much nude going on! Very weird for me too since it’s rarely a shade a gravitate towards being so pale. I mentioned this a few months ago and I just flipping love the stuff. This is like a mom’s best friend. I take it everywhere with me and slap it on my lips (no mirror needed) and even without makeup, it gives just enough… SOMETHING – to make me look unzombielike. (I hope.) I don’t love the other shades that this comes in, but I really like this one.

Sara Happ Confetti Cake lip scrub. um, hello, have we met? This is a given. I don’t know why it took me so long to buy this (yes I do, 1. I usually use the Lush lip scrubs and 2. it’s kinda pricey when I can just grab sugar and coconut oil in my pantry) but I looooove it. It’s one of those things that is just FUN to use, you know? It’s not a necessity, but I really like the texture of this scrub (sometimes the Lush ones can be really loose, like sugar falling everywhere) and the scent? Just give me a big fat slice of cake.

So whatcha loving this month? Have you bought all the things Fall yet?! I bought an Essie nail color in frock and roll and can’t wait to wear it. I want every fall Zoya shade. And the new makeup forever HD foundation. I also really want the Josie Maran hydrating mist but I miiiiiight hold out until the VIB sale in November??

(Who am I kidding, that’s totally far away.)


august beauty favorites I howsweeteats.com

{as usual, none of this is sponsored and all of these products were purchased by me. i am not affiliated with any of the companies above, nor do i accept free products. just love to talk about what i like, makeup junkie to makeup junkie. there are a few amazon affiliate links above. thank you for being here!}