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Oooooooooh hey. It’s the weekend! I’m pumped. I just about had a heart attack this past Monday when I saw on instagram that kids are going back to school. howwhatwherewhenwhy and why so early? Are you one of these people? Mind = blown. We never went back to school until at least the third week of August and every year around this time I get weird and anxious back-to-school feelings at the ripe old age of 32. That’s normal right.

This past week I did SO much writing when I wasn’t doing so much mom-ing which was pretty much all the time. I secretly need to escape to Target because it’s been two weeks and well, I can’t go that long without being basic. What are your plans for this fine weekend in August?

P.S. I fiiiiiiiinally did a baby max update the other day. slow down time!!

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Here is why I live on the computer:

i declared the week over once i saw this no churn mascarpone soft serve. just totally dead.

can you imagine doing this DIY sand art manicure?! patience please.

this is totally one of my favorite salads ever too! so simple and wonderful.

not that i can can (ha! can can) anything to save my life, but i’d like to try with this blueberry habernero jam. so interesting, right?!

right this very second i have a huge ball of burrata in my fridge and it must be eaten with roasted peaches and cherries.

this flourless peanut butter chocolate cake is something straight out of my dreams.

desperately adoring this sweet potato, black bean and corn salad because MAPLE LIME vinaigrette. oh my.

i don’t even know how to control my emotions when it comes to this s’mores brownie brittle. what the what.

my waffles last week feel quite inferior to these everything bagel waffles. my favorite!!

vegan coffee smoothies sound like an excellent idea. doing this with coconut milk.

i’m tossing around the idea of using pluots, but i’m super into this plum galette. and the crust, darnit.

just HOW does this exist. chocolate marshmallow rice krispie treat ice cream eeeeep.

easiest lunch ever: may just be these smoked salmon and avocado summer rolls.

could banoffee pie get any cuter?! i didn’t think so.

on the menu this weekend, a lime rosé spritzer. let’s do it.