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The week coming back from vacation is always THE WORST right?

I tried to make it fun: I made a pie (you may have seen on snapchat) with organic peaches (omg $$$$$$) that was just fairly MEH and didn’t make the cut. You’ll surely see it in my disasters at the end of the year. Also, making a pie with a babe and having it turn out not-so-hot should be illegal. Max is SO fast on the move that it is turning into the best workout ever.

What are you up to this weekend? I’m thinking brunch, thin crust pizza on the grill and a big ass ice cream cone. It’s been a week since vacation after all.

P.S. if you’re local don’t forget to sign up for my Aug 20 cooking class. Whoop whoop!

The internets were fantastic this week:

How is it posssssible that this is even real life? Oh but it is. Cotton candy affogato. SERIOUSLY.

Rainbow unicorn tie die s’mores and my brain just exploded. askjfhaksdjfhjsdhfjkds.

What does it take to make all of your pizza dreams come true? Here’s mine.

I am a sucker for adorable phone wallpaper and have you even seen these ones? Those donuts. OMG.

All the votes to always make cantaloupe caprese a thing. Forever.

How can this chocolate chunk peanut butter soft serve end up in my kitchen? Like without me doing anything.

It’s no secret that I’m a bit wacky over popsicles this year and these fig and ricotta cheesecake ones are no joke.

Annnd this is how I shall plant lettuce next year!

What I wouldn’t give to have a vat of this smoky blue cheese dressing all to myself.

Not many words can sell me as quickly as smoky sweet corn hummus. oh, except for tostadas.

Because it’s summer: croissant dogs with crispy bacon. I’m sorry.