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Consider this a July + June favorites! Last month came and went so quickly that I ended up condensing my faves of the first two months of the summer into one post. There are bunches!

The Rumor. Wouldn’t be a summer without an Elin book! I really loved this one, even though it took me what felt like lightyears to read it now that I can’t spend two full days dedicated to only reading! What have you read this month and LOVED?

When it comes to TV, Bloodline wins all the way. It’s a Netflix series and OH MY GOSH it is so good. We finished it in late June, but it’s still so fresh in our minds that we discussed it on the way home from vacation this weekend. So super good.

Artifact Uprising. I found this website after googling ‘how to print instagram pics” when looking for an idea for Eddie for Father’s day. I LOVE the options on this site!! I bought Eddie this wooden block with twelve of his favorite instagrams of Max. It’s small enough for him to keep on his desk at work. Super cute.

On that same note, I really love the Postal Pix app too. I printed a few instagrams for a little photo wall and love how simple this is. You just do it IN the app! You choose the size and everything. It’s so easy for us lazy millennials.

Bare coconut chips in chocolate bliss. If you’re a coconut freak like me, you will love these. They make for an awesome snack alone but also work in yogurt, on ice cream, in oatmeal, granola, on top of smoothie bowls, froyo or tossed with strawberries and bananas. The best.

This floral print dress from Gap. It’s just so… EASY. I wore this three different days on vacation because it kept me cool and was so easy to slip on and wear. Super easy to move around and walk and just everything. Adore adore.

WATERMELON JUICE! Fresh fresh fresh watermelon juice. I haven’t been eating watermelons so much as I’ve been pureeing the heck out of them and straining the juice. Not just using them in cocktails or popsicles – but drinking it fresh on ice or mixing in a little seltzer. Ooooh baby.

I found this coverup beachy tunic on major sale a few weeks ago and it’s awesome. It’s dressier and cuter than some of the swim coverups I’ve had in the past from Target and just feels pretty. It’s been dressy enough to wear over my suit with some wedges and earrings. I wish it came in another color.

Snapseed. I’ve used Snapseed for ages to edit my iPhone photos, but I just recently discovered the “selective” part of editing where you can choose smaller portions of the photo to edit. So cool. If one little spot needs brightening, I can do it without destroying the whole photo.

These earrings. I love the little crystal ear jacket piece. Every time I wear them, I get asked where they are from. And they are small enough that Max won’t grab them (yet) and they don’t smash into his head when I cuddle him.

Woats. Omg. Woats. Where have these been all of my life? I found mine at Target. I’m partial to the cookies and cream flavor, but the strawberry make me feel healthier. Ha. I almost sort of wish these didn’t even exist.

This beach tent. I feel a little ridiculous calling it a favorite since we just used it last week on vacation, but using it every day with a baby was fantastic. It only took minutes to set up and never got too hot inside. It provided shade for everyone! We really loved it and I can’t recommend this enough, even if you don’t have kids and want a little shady beach nook.

Finally, my old Rebecca Minkoff MAC clutch bag. I haven’t used this consistently as my everyday purse for about a year now (that was after carrying it for a year+ straight, at least), but I have to tell you about the insane mom hack I did. We went to a baseball game on the 4th of July and I managed to fit EVERYTHING I needed for Max in this bag. I fit two disposal changing pads, three diapers, a travel pack of wipes, a bamboo swaddle blanket, a few teething toys, my wallet, a lipstick + lip balm and my phone. This bag rocks. And now that I’m searching, it looks like she only might make the mini M.A.C. now, which is great too, but if you can find a larger one – DO IT.

[none of this is sponsored, just like to talk about things that I discover and love over the month. tell me your faves! there may be a few amazon affiliate links above. love love.]