tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. So craving this watermelon papaya rum smoothie. Oh my freaking gosh.

2. Celebrity couples dropping like flies. Gwen and Gavin? What is going on? I deserve to know. Basically, I feel like THIS about it.

3. Right before we left for vacation I was in the garage grabbing something and found a pair of… camo crocs. In my husband’s size. Let’s just say he is not a crocs wearing person. Like at all. He is pretty crazy about shoes. So. The mystery continues. All I got out of him was “I needed them.” Uh… for what?!?!

4. What does your favorite cereal as a kid say about you? Mine was (is?) cinnamon toast crunch. FOREVER.

5. Have you seen the new Lay’s chip flavors? Ugh. I cannot do this. I tried last year. I think the wasabi ginger ones were, like… okay. But rueben chips? Chicken and biscuit chips? I can’t. I just can’t. In the literal sense, not the annoying millennial girl sense. Have you tried any?

6. Please tell me that someone remembers this. Back in the 90s (I think) there was a commerical for Chi Chis restaurant and guys were singing “fry yi yi yi… eye eye eye iced cream.” Clearly my way of writing that out is atrocious and makes no sense but this has been in my head for like two months. I keep singing it to Max. I have no idea why and it’s driving me insaaaane.

7. I am very obsessed with off the shoulder tops right now. I think because they remind me of Kelly Kapowski and fashion that my mom said I wasn’t old enough to wear at the time.

8. On taking time off. Holy smokes how good (and true) is this?!

9. Finally, with one episode left of True Detective, I thought this one was pretty good. At least pretty exciting and it didn’t make me google “what the hell just happened” immediately after. What did you think? Also, are the time jumps seriously killing you like they are me on Masters of Sex? And UnReal finale! Thoughts?!

10. This morning as I was making some pita bread and Max was sweetly playing on a playmat, I noticed he had crawled into the kitchen and when I looked, he had climbed under a bar stool and pulled himself up inside. Like baby jail. It’s currently on my snapchat (howsweeteats) now and I really just can’t. In the annoying millennial girl sense.