tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. It’s that time of the year where I have to remember not to go crazy on buying school supplies considering that I, um, DON’T NEED THEM. But they are so lovely… #lisafrankforlife

2. You know what other season is approaching, a season besides school supply season that is equally as terrible for the wallet and wonderful? Autumn candle season. No, I know autumn isn’t close but the candles are out and as a crazy candle lady, I will support the economy.

3. Really interested in making this heirloom tomato pie with parm for dinner one night this week. Especially after my (not-so-shocking) pie fail last week.

4. I deleted over 40K photos from my computer this weekend (on purpose!) and it FELT SO GOOD. It felt like a great sneeze.

5. Remember when I spent 12 hours organizing my pantry at ten months pregnant and then spent 35 seconds destroying the organization? I’m thinking of doing one of those whole one project a day for a month things. It obviously couldn’t be something big (like pantry organization in one day because hello baby + work) but maybe something little so I can stop living like an adult child.

6. Ending thoughts of True Detective? I read a bunch of recaps online and agree with them: WHY? Why did that all happen? I did kind of like the very last scene though. We were all sick this past weekend so on Saturday night, Eddie and I binged on Ballers and watched every episode so far. We really liked it, but agreed it’s a good show to binge on – maybe not get every week? It’s like a sports Entourage. Also, why do I love Ricky Jarrett? Ha.

7. All of the politics-already-starting + debate stuff going on has me itching to rewatch The West Wing. (Probably also because Allison Janney was back in Masters of Sex this past week, love) Who’s in? I think we should have, like, a West Wing book club, but, um… it’s a show.

8. I found this via shutterbean last week and it is SO perfect: how to get stuff done. These tips! Do it.

9. I knew this, but I just horrifyingly remembered that you can go back and read EVERY SINGLE Tuesday Things post (all 200+ of them) by clicking on the little “tuesday things” tag at the bottom of the post. Major cringe time.