tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Does your car clock speed up? I swear, the clock in my vehicle speeds up constantly. I switch it to the correct time and as the weeks progress, it gets seven, then ten, then even fifteen minutes faster. It.drives.me.crazy. WHY?!

2. Camp Firewood Pie. It’s all I need in my Tuesday.

3. Right now I can’t get enough of baked goods with zucchini. Like muffins, bread, cake, I don’t even know who I am right now. Don’t worry. I won’t share any. I realize that the internet needs no more. I’ll just eat them all.

4. Yesterday I had a productive work day and one potholder fire. And it only took me five whole minutes to figure out what was burning and smoldering. It was my favorite one too! Whomp whomp.

5. Every single one of these was my childhood life.

6. Ummmm have you seen the new la croix flavors?! I’ve been searching for THREE whole days and no luck. Why does my Target hate me.

7. Ooooh Masters of Sex is getting so good and I can’t wait for Sarah Silverman to be back on next week. I also want to rewatch Bloodline since I keep telling everyone to watch it. And we are 100% now obsessed with Ballers. AND have you seen the previews for Homeland with Quinn?! EEEEEEEeeee.

8. Can we talk about this groomsmen wedding dance? Incredible insanity. The bar is set.

9. Here’s the best summer cocktail hour snack mix: popcorn, cheez-it’s, spicy cajun peanuts and yogurt pretzels. All in one bowl. Trust me. Try it.

10. I have such a girl crush on Kathleen because she is soooo fun to follow on snapchat. See also: I’d like her closet.