august favorites I

Things I’m flipping over for the month of August? Go!

The new La Croix flavors. Oooooh. I didn’t expect to like every single one, but, um I do. Totally. My favorite is the blackberry cucumber. Then the kiwi watermelon. Then the pink grapefruit cantaloupe coming in third. You don’t even want to know how many cases are in our garage considering Eddie has started drinking it too.

These Lilly sandals. I completely copied off of my sister-in-law with these. She has had a pair for years and since I can’t live in wedges anymore (well, I can, but it makes it really difficult to chase an ever-moving Max), I wanted something slightly nicer than the havianas I wear constantly. I considered the Tory Burch ones but I just don’t love them that much. These… I LOVE. They are comfy too!

Jennifer Weiner’s newest, Who Do You Love. Oh my gosh, so good. Loved this to pieces.

Sweetapolita’s sprinkles!! In full disclosure, Rosie sent me three bottles. But I loved them so much that I immediately ordered four more from her store (including the sparkly ones, yes!) and they just make me so… HAPPY. I want a sprinkle business. I do!

As far as music, I’ve really drank (drunk?) the koolaid with Macklemore’s, Downtown. I blast it on repeat 10 billion times.

The Trader Joe’s bacon bar. And the Trader Joe’s bacon popcorn. And the pineapple salsa! And the hatch chile salsa! And their cold presses watermelon juice! Can you tell I spent a lot of time at TJ’s this month? Now I am dying to try the pickle popcorn since I live for pickles. Must get there soon.

TV wins this month? BALLERS. Oh my gosh why did I love it so much?! I don’t know, but I did. It was fun. It was like mindless sports Entourage. Fantastic.

This candle. Oh my gosh, this candle. It smells SO good. Not sweet at all, sort of fresh and slightly masculine. I want this to be my signature house scent, except I love Leaves too much? BASIC.

Oh also! This candle in sweet vanilla cinnamon. I actually bought this last year but found it a few weeks ago. It smells ridic. And yes I realize that it contradicts my previous point. Whomp whomp.

MICHELADAS. This is huge considering I’ve always hated bloody mary’s and tomato juice in general. BUT. I bought a jar of the bloody mary mix from American Spoon last month on vacation after sampling it. It is to die for. So I used that with some other spices and what not for a michelada that I now love. I sort of want to share the recipe but now that summer is passing us by… maybe next year!

On that sorta same note, this toast combo: justin’s peanut butter, american spoon triple berry conserve and american spoon maple cream. Oh my gah. DO IT.

This dress from Athleta. It’s the most perfect thing for summer (albeit it slightly see through, so best over swimsuit?) and the color! Eeeep. And now it’s soooo on sale.

What are you LOVING from the last few days of summer? I cannot even wait for fall.

[none of this is sponsored, just like to talk about things that I discover and love over the month. tell me your faves! there may be a few amazon affiliate links above. love love.]