tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. All I want right now is avocado bread. Avocado BREAD!! Can I use it for avocado french toast?! Ummm yes.

2. I bit the bullet after all of your recommendations last week and bought a coloring book. Has it made it out of the bag which remains in the back of my car? No. And now I’m having a second thoughts on even finding time to color. I think I might hate myself if I put “color in your book” in my planner. Why is a destresser stressing me out?

3. Speaking of planners, I ordered my new day designer last week and stand by this planner as being the BEST for entreprenuers and everyday organization with a hint of inspiration. Even in my weirdest months with Max (read: no predictable schedule, etc) I found this super helpful.

4. Um, I need 5 ways to cure chronic procrastination. First step: lose the coloring book?

5. It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year… all the new TV shows are back! I’m super excited for Nashville, Empire, Scandal, etc – but most of all The Affair and Homeland and stuff like that. Fear the Walking Dead is totally not for me but I can’t wait until REAL Walking Dead starts.

6. 16 things positive people do everyday. I’m gonna print it.

7. What are you super excited about for fall fashion? I want to buy all the things right now and want everything bordeaux colored (yeah yeah I’m always a year behind) and teal. And purple. And BOOTS. And scarves. May have already bought two.

8. And on that note, WHAT are you doing to send off summer? Because even though you probably did something over Labor Day, you gotta do at least one little thing, right? I think I have to do more happy hour margaritas tonight because they just taste like summer. Until next week. When I add apple cider. (obviously.)