tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1.This zodiac constellation cake is insane. Gorgeous. Oh and raise your hand if you’re also a crazy scorpio.

2. Have you tried the toasted graham latte at Starbucks? Thoughts? I’m kind of on the fence. I like it but feel like it’s lacking… something. ???

3. File under things I could never do: the capsule wardrobe. Maybe I can do a capsule kitchen appliances. It’s necessary.

4. Speaking of, you know what trend I’m really not into? FLANNEL. I just can’t get into it. I think I loved it back in the 90s but the memory that sticks out in my mind most is “modeling” (used extremely loosely) outside of Limited Too with a navy and mint green flannel SKIRT and matching button down. Can you say scarred for life? I love it on others but think I look ridiculous with any sort of flannel.

5. We went to Trader Joe’s for the first time in a loooooong time and let’s just say that Eddie shouldn’t go hungry. We might have came out with five different types of cookies and the cashier was like “oh wow, your little one sure eats a lot already!” Um. No. I sort of want to do a throwback what we got at TJ’s post.

6. 9 month baby faves are up, aka – lots of ridiculous things that as a first time mom, I deem necessary.

7. Okay so I think Masters of Sex has completely jumped the shark after that series finale and I’m just so disappointed! I did kind of enjoy Fear the Walking Dead this week but I also never focus just on that and have to be doing three other things at the same time. The Affair promos are sucking me in like crazy and this week I might rewatch that at night. What amazing show are you excited for? Did you watch Scandal??

8. We finally watched Pitch Perfect 2 annnnnd neither of us were fans. Why why why? Noooo. I’m hoping it gets better with time like Anchorman or Step Brothers?

9. Next Thursday night I’m doing a Girls Night In cooking class, but guys can totally come too! If you’re local, you should totally sign up because APPLE CIDER MARGARITAS.