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This is the MOST perfect time of year, most definitely my favorite. I love the weather and all of the changing colors and all of the apple cider up in my face. This has also been the busiest month so far (probably the busiest since Max was born!) and I can’t wait to take our favorite fall drive in another week or two. Today is actually our wedding anniversary (!!!) so we will probably eat some delicious food and go play outside!

Next week we are heading to NYC for some work things, but since I can’t leave my little chubbanugget for a moment, he’s coming along. Baby friendly ideas?

This past week I shared chipotle bacon turkey sliders AND confetti snack cake over on the pioneer woman! Check it out, because when cake is cut into tiny little squares, it is totally a snack. Truth.

And other goods >>>

guys. you can seriously be a bowl of froyo for halloween this year.

gotta make these pumpkin banana spice pancakes happen this weekend.

this DIY bart cart runner is completely adorable. yes yes yes.

i have no idea how something edible can be this stunning. DIY watercolor cake!

trashy salads are my thing and this autumn cobb is a no brainer.

how dreamy is this butternut squash mac and cheese? i just want to curl up by a fire with a big helping.

one of the coolest things ever – fruit sugars!

agreed, it’s definitely grilled cheese season. especially on pretzel bread.

kentucky mudslide cake: i really can’t. !!!!!

absolutely loving on this kale salad with kabocha squash.

magical sweet potato chocolate ice cream looks super magical to me.

always searching for… the perfect chicken marinade. right?