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Hey hey! I took a week off of my favorite links while we were in NYC and I missed a whole bunch of goodness on the internets. I am absolutely wild over this time of the year: the way the air smells, the way the leaves crunch, the pumpkins everywhere (sprinkle with cinnamon and burn a vanilla candle inside!) and just when I thought I couldn’t get more basic: homemade pumpkin creamer for coffee. Things I don’t need? Any more halloween candy. Good gosh make it STOP. Puhlease.

Yesterday, I shared a video on facebook of my favorite autumn sangria (some updates to my original recipe)! Are you following on facebook?! If so, please make sure that you’re seeing the posts by liking and sharing since Facebook bombs these days. Whomp whomp.

Last week, I shared these lemon lavender cupcakes over on the pioneer woman’s blog.

So what are you doing this weekend? What are you eating? What are you wearing?! In a non creepy way, obvs.

Internet goods this week:

tell me: why can I be crafty and make these most adorable pumpkin lanterns?!

I really don’t even know what to do with myself when it comes to these homemade candied pecan pumpkin ice cream drumsticks. Oh my WHAT.

in 100% love with this caramelized onion and roasted garlic pasta. wowza.

pumpkin chocolate crumb cake. in my dreams!

this fabulous fantastic perfect post from my friend andie: i’ll do it as soon as i lose weight.

remember when i mentioned mini fried pizzas on instagram? heidi shows you how.

making it on to the rotation this week… super stuffed chipotle sweet potatoes.

why have I never had sticky toffee pancakes? whyyyyy.

adorable and craving: flakey, butter biscuit BLT sliders.

let’s please please please make these salted caramel donuts with skor bits.

every side dish i want today includes thai brussels sprouts.

pumpkin spice bubble tea. make it happen.