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This week! It’s been a wild one. And today, I turn 33 and I feel like I’m still 17 (wah). Does that feeling ever end!? I don’t necessarily like the number 3 itself, but put together like that it’s looking pretty cool. Double 3s! It’s gotta be a good one. Needless to say there is going to be a lot of celebrating this weekend, starting with brunch today. (And maybe a marathon shopping trip yesterday. With a baby. Gotta start them early.)

I also am hoping for a funfetti cake the size of my face.

What are you up to on the fantabulous weekend? Please say chocolate.

Internet perfection:

rumchata spiked coffee just SOUNDS like the weekend. yes it does.

holiday menu worthy: coffee crusted beef tenderloin. oh mylanta.

fruity pebbles macarons are making my life.

this chimichurri chicken is definitely going on the menu this week.

how deliciously creamy and wonderful does this pumpkin butter look? eeeep.

spaghetti squash burrito bowls are a thing!

holy cow, pumpkin pie cream puffs are everything i didn’t know i wanted.

shaved broccoli, brussels and kale just got SO much better.

i can no longer have a party without an affogato dessert bar.

homemade hot chocolate mix – it’s time!

i’m loving on these southwestern stuffed peppers. eddie would freak.

omg omg omg yes, all edges brownie cookies exist.

this roasted seasonal veg with black rice is sooo super pretty.

butternut squash breakfast hash. because i can’t stop with the butternut.