currently crushing on I

Thinking of everyone in Paris this weekend.

Sharing some faves below to keep the love going ’round. xoxoxoxo

these orange ginger cream cheese muffins are not only stunning but look SO delicious. i can’t handle it.

how can you contain your excitement over these mini beef wellingtons? wowza.

healthy banana bread! making it this weekend.

one of my favorite girls on marriage lessons in three years.

the most perfect pumpkin roll recipe is right here.

blown away by this sweet potato quinoa burger. incredible.

can we discuss these hippie krispie treats? love ’em.

let’s do it – pumpkin pie in a mug!

wild rice delicata squash gratin is exactly what i’m craving on this gloomy day.

a grilled cheese with sage? oh how i love you.

funfetti pie crust… oh it’s a thing.

i wish this sundried tomato pull apart bread would just magically appear in my kitchen.

comfort in a bowl: caramelized onion pumpkin soup. so much yes.