holiday gift guide for her I

I know it’s sliiiightly early, but I wanted to share my 2015 gift guides with you before the rush of holiday shopping begins – in case you’re a Black Friday die hard. If you follow my monthly favorites, a lot of this will look familiar. But I chose my absolute faves right here for you!

Lots more for him, foodie and stocking guides to come! What’s on your list this holiday? 

An UGG Duffield Robe. You may remembered that I got one of these last year for Christmas and never being a robe person, shockingly LOVED it. Like I think that I lived in it until at least May? It’s so warm and wonderful and cozy – and a bit more luxurious than a robe you may buy yourself.

Paint Chip Calendar. How cool is this?!

Nest Birchwood Pine Candle. Um, this is hereby the BEST candle I have ever smelled for Christmas. I got one as a birthday gift from my cousin and couldn’t wait to burn it. It smells so fantastic. I already bought extras and a few for gifts.

Elwood the Rainbow Unicorn Mug. Enough said.

Jo Malone gift set. I love these colognes and they are wonderful for someone who likes to switch up their scent often. They have fabulous candles too and hand soaps and just lovely things. Anything Jo Malone would be on my list!

Madewell Transport Tote. I wrote about this tote in my favorites a few weeks ago and have been using it nonstop. It’s huge, you can fit a large laptop plus a million other things, you can fit baby stuff if you’re a mom, and it’s also structured enough that it will stand up on it’s own. But is still soft leather. Win.

The Day Designer. Fancy planners are all the rage right now but that’s not why I love the Day Designer. I just bought my third (or fourth?? I think third) one for next year and adore the layout, the daily planning sheets and all the free printables you get too. If you know someone who is entrepreneurial, this is such a great agenda.

Samsung nx300 Mirrorless Camera. When I don’t want to lug my huge DSLR around but want better quality pics than my iphone, this is what I use. It’s small and compact but takes incredible photos. And you can switch out the lenses!

Beats Pill. I bought one of these for Eddie and few years ago and the portability is what makes it so wonderful. Plus, the sound quality is insane. He uses it indoors and outdoors, at work and at home. I love the white one. If you want to really go over the top, get this GOLD version!!!

Formula X Nail Polish Set. Some of my favorite polishes, hands down. Oh ha.

Kate Spade Pen. I love this idea for the creative who has EVERYTHING. It makes for some excellent office décor.

Bright Checkered Throw Blanket. This is another gift that I love to give (and receive!) because I find that it’s really rare to spend the money on a luxurious blanket that you might actually use everyday – if it’s in your living room.

Kate Spade Glitter Studs. If you have frequented this blog at all in the last three years, you know these are my go-to earrings! I have them in almost every shade, they can be casual or fancy and they are pretty affordable. LOVE.

Sara Happ Lip Slip Set. Love this idea, even if it’s someone who isn’t necessarily into cosmetics or products. Delicious sounding lip stuff – YES.

Kate Spade Tid Bit Plates. This gift reminds me of something my grandma would have given me – or even taken somewhere as a hostess gift. I love the white and black and also that they can be used year round.

Kendra Scott Opal Cuff. My mom got me this for my birthday and it’s stunning. So much prettier than I expected, and comfortable because it doesn’t slide all over the wrist.

Gilded Ceramic Coasters. Super pretty!

Sephora Be Spotted Brush Set. A few of my favorite makeup brushes are from Sephora – and they are mid range in price as opposed to some crazy brushes that are $90 a piece. This gorgeous sparkly set has me sold.

Swell Sparkling Champagne Stainless Steel Water Bottle. Might be a bit extravagant, but it’s a neat upgrade from the water bottles I get at Target. Makes drinking water feel all fancy and stuff.

Artifact Uprising Deep Set Frames. This may be a recurring theme that you see in my gift guides because I am OBSESSED with Artifact Uprising. I love absolutely everything they do. A lot of their smaller gifts are fairly affordable, so I think a splurge of a framed print would be awesome.

Nespresso Machine. I am a serious convert. I’ve had one now for maybe six-ish months and cannot get enough. I love this so much more than my Kuerig and I don’t have as much of a desire to go out and get coffee everyday. Better yet, if someone already has one, the coffee or espresso pods would be a great stocking stuffer!

Marble Cheese Boards. While everyone would love one of these for it’s pretty entertaining purposes, I often bring one out for Eddie and me on the weekends! Very versatile. Snacky meals are the best.

Vinyasa Scarf. As a serious scarf queen (I have waaaay too many), in the cooler months I never stop reaching for my vinyasa scarf. The fact that it’s stretchy and comfortable, an infinity scarf that is easy to wear but can also be unsnapped (really cool), it also looks good and makes sense if you’re bopping around in workout clothes. But it looks great when dressed up a little too!

Manduka Yoga Mat. Back when I was going to yoga five or six days a week (ahhh the good life), I didn’t think the mat made a difference and couldn’t fathom splurging on a nice mat. Um, once I did it was life changing. This mat made a HUGE difference in my practice and if you know someone who loves yoga and is using a beat up old mat from Target that is ten years old, they’d probably adore this.

Copper Eye Mask. Super indulgent and is all about the experience. I don’t’ know if I’d splurge on one for myself yet, but I’d love to get one as a gift.

Leather Clutch Pouch. The metallic colors are so pretty and great for the holiday, but I love these bags because they easily fit inside a huge tote (or diaper bag!) too. Double duty!