tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. When you speak such fluent emoji that you must carve your pumpkin into one.

2. I’ve had Hotline Bling in my head for FOUR straight days. Like I can’t hear anything else, nothing else will stick. And if you sing it out loud, you can’t use your regular voice. You have to use a slightly whiney Drank voice.

3. The annual Jimmy Kimmel tell your kids you ate all their halloween candy video. Ha.
(I totally love the idea of donating extra candy to the troops too.)

4. I keep a lot of pointless daily info (including to-do lists) in the Notes section of my phone, and I’m obsessed with going back and reading the old notes. So much so that I don’t even delete old grocery lists. What is with this weirdness? It’s like the 2015 version of looking through my old school planners.

5. Don’t want to be this person but I’m ready to start listening to Christmas music. I barely listened at all last year because my “Christmas music” was the 1989 album. Which is still in my car, by the way, one year later. Won’t get old.

6. I stole this from Tracy last week: when you feel behind in life. SO good.

7. Holy cow The Affair. Every week the show changes my thoughts, one second I hate Noah then I love him. Then I hate Allison, then I love her. Um, I always love Cole obviously. Let’s just say after that episode, Pacey is not in Capeside anymore… Also thought Homeland was great. Eeeep the last five minutes, yes yes yes. Not loving what they are doing on Nashville, bah. That ending though! Those shows are clearly my only priority at the moment since I still need to watch last week’s Walking Dead, Empire and Scandal.

8. Daylight savings time: there is nothing worse for food photographers ever. It’s like scrambling all day to get the light and vastly shortens my work day. But I LOVE the morning light.

9. I made this pumpkin bread over the weekend and whoa – it is so simple and so delicious. Maybe the best pumpkin bread recipe I’ve tried. Dooooo it.