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Um, hi. I was all prepared to talk about the week, and then I opened the door and a bird flew into our house at 11 o’clock at night. And yes, I know what you’re thinking, it was a bird, NOT a bat. Thank god. But still. I mean I’m shaking in my boots and the bird is gone but my skin is crawling like whoa. It flew in my hair before going in the house, so there’s that.

ANYWAY. How was your week? Besides my late night bird trauma, our week was so, so great. Max turned one yesterday (bawling) and today is his big, ridiculous i’m-a-first-time-mom birthday party. Be sure to follow along on snapchat for sneak peeks behind the scenes! (snapchat = howsweeteats)

I haven’t started baking yet because of Max’s party, but that’s next on the list. ALSO. I cannot stop burning this candle and it’s my signature scent for all of winter, for the rest of my life I’ve decided. It’s SO good. I’m already on my THIRD of the season.

Other cool things this week: I elevated avocado toast over on the pioneer woman and on top of that, Ree named Seriously Delish one of her favorite cookbooks! If you gift it, I’ll love you forever.

internet GOODs:

losing my mind over these jelly doughnuts and i normally don’t even LIKE jelly donuts. but i want to eat thirty of these.

this pomegranate orange champagne punch is everything i want this weekend.

not sure if i have the patience, but if i do, dark chocolate salted caramels are on the menu.

how awesome is this edible gift of butternut squash soup?!

one of my favorite combinations, chocolate mint cream cake. so lovely.

oh my gosh, this white bean risotto with garlicky greens sounds DIVINE.

adorableness is birthday cake cookies. yes it is.

an absolutely stunning winter tabbouleh salad: sign me up.

whoa!! peppermint mochi. give a big old bowl of hot chocolate flavored froyo.

loving on these hazelnut shortbread with ganache sandwiches.

majorly craving some garlic bread bolognese meatball subs. i mean, who isn’t?!

holy flavor – satsuma hazelnut cake! can you even imagine?

slow cooker winter minestrone. it’s 65 degrees but stop it, i want soup.

more please! mint milano cookies. i’d devour the entire batch.