tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. It’s the time of year again when I want to do elf on the shelf for… Eddie and myself. I mean, obviously for Max but he has no clue. I will say that the hate for the elf seems intense this year? I don’t care. I still want my elf to raid the canister of flour. (and then clean it up too.)

2. Actually think I’m making this gnocchi with brown butter for dinner tonight. LOOK at that.

3. I’ve become totally enamored with life captured (thanks to kristen, again!) and am loving their December journaling prompts. Absolutely what I need right now.

4. After a quick decluttering of the kitchen this past weekend, we’re trying to live without things on the counter, like the toaster and a canister of wooden spoons, spatulas, etc. Frankly, this is making my life very inconvenient. Give me back my clutter! (p.s. Eddie is not thrilled that the nespresso gets to stay out while the toaster goes in. HAHAHA.)

5. WOWOWOW The Affair. I seriously think the last 15 minutes of this episode was some of the best TV I’ve ever seen? I was also freaked out and couldn’t sleep. And now I’m flipping over Homeland and afraid they won’t believe Carrie and Saul. Annnnd I’m happy with the outcome of the Walking Dead. No more words since I can’t stop thinking of The Affair. It feels like I’m IN The Affair!

6. Stop trying so hard to be happy. For real though, I’m trying to be more mindful (blah blah since time is going waaay too fast blah) and this may be the key.

7. Do you have any holiday-ish traditions? I want to do the whole Christmas PJ thing and may have bought some, um, two months ago…

8. I continue to be out of control with the holiday season and want to make a neon gingerbread village. Or a rose gold one. You decide.