tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I wish I was the stylish cool person who could decorate multiple trees every year and do them differently every year, like in wild, holiday colors. Then I also want to be the person who uses all the same decor for nostalgic purposes like my mom did. First world problems.

2. GUYS. Funfetti gingerbread house. Let me repeat: FUNFETTI GINGERBREAD HOUSE. I’m done.

3. Have you seen the pantone colors of the year? Rose quartz?! Serenity?! I die. Both are so gorgeous and I haven’t been this excited since the days of radiant orchid. But p.s. why are there two? I only want one. (But don’t make me choose.) And I like how they are mixing them.

4. Twice in the last week I used the incorrect version of “here” and “hear.” TWICE. I hate myself.

5. What Home Alone would look like if it were set in 2015. YES.

6. Um, dreams do come true: Ryan Gosling on SNL. I can’t take his giggles!

7. The Affair: hello again delicious looking Pacey! I am blown away at how freaking GOOD this show is. I want to write an entire blog about it, gah. My hatred for Noah is unreeeeeeal. Homeland: WTF with Allison, and most importantly, HOW are we going to get Quinn and Carrie together by two more episodes? I mean, that’s what the show is about, right. Also Nashville, I’m so sad how what they are turning Maddie into. Otherwise I have sooo much TV catching up to do, I think we will restart the Leftovers, watch my DVRed episodes of Empire and a bunch of others.

8. As a sidebar, if you live in PA, are you just as horrified by Gus the groundhog and his family in the PA lottery commercials? Watch closely. It’s terrifying. Make it stop.

9. This is seriously my life. Last week once night I was actually googling “how can I feel like time is going slower?!” and tada! how to slow it down.

10. On loving thy neighbor. Soul warming. ADORE this.