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So. We are not a skiing family but secretly, I wish we were. Is it too late to start now? If I’m being real, I just want some sort of ski cabin (wait wait, I’m much more condo than cabin…) decked out in cuddly blankets and full of espresso machines. I want two fireplaces and ten stacks of books and the most perfect instagrammable snow falling right outside the window. And some hot chocolate. That’s really why I want to be a skiier. Is it as dreamy as it sounds? Indulge me.

How was your week?! It was COLD here so we cuddled up and maybe even ventured outside in Ugg boots. THE HORROR. Other than my always questionable fashion choices, I’ve been drinking a bunch of this and smooching a bunch of this.

And! Over on facebook I shared a video of my cheesy one pot tomato basil pasta. Throw it all in ONE pot – and go. Tada.

loves of the week:

my friend kristen does the most fun snapchat coffee talks ever, and now she is doing a similar newsletter. i love this so much.

best thing i read all week: tips for using your phone camera only – and leaving the big one home when traveling.

tomorrow morning i’m making the prettiest tropical green smoothie bowl.

how to organize your goals and get stuff DONE! oh yeah oh yeah. this probably does not include having someone do things for me, whomp whomp. 

loving the idea of these spicy veggie sushi bowls. so much flavor.

earlier this week i made this baked spaghetti with meat sauce and it was SO fab. i have made dishes like this before but this one? top notch. eddie and max both agreed.

chai overnight oats with blood orange. like i can even pass this up.

megan’s 29 things she’s learned in her twenties. perfection.

we can do it: lemon poppy seed loaf cake. 

maple roasted pears are screaming my name.

as long as no fennel SEEDS are involved, i’m all over this linguine with fennel and winter greens.

let’s blow our resolutions with a white russian affogato. what do you say?