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Hi! Are you snow covered right now? You would not believe the amount of people at the grocery store yesterday that had carts full of bread and milk and toilet paper. I mean, I know this is a running joke if you live in a city where is snows, but yesterday was the first day that I actually WITNESSED multiple carts in my store filled with those things. My cart? Avocados, bacon, fontina cheese and brussels sprouts. Do with that what you will.

If we get tons of snow, I’m surely making multiple nutella lattes.

Also, Eddie bought a sled for Max. And snow pants. And boots. I’ll just leave that right here.

What are your plans this weekend? If you have time and ingredients, you need to make this white pizza dip (< video!) for weekend. And over on the pioneer woman, I’m sharing cotton candy popcorn balls. Ridiculously fun and sugary.

other loves:

four words: three ingredient white queso. happening!

my life: heart emoji donuts. yesssss.

13 tips for organizing your baking supplies. ugh. is “find someone to do it for you” an option?

i’m obsessed with sarah’s capsule wardrobe.

no bake samoa macaroons. i want.

the ultimate boozy coconut hot chocolate. if you’re blizzarding this weekend, this should appear.

craving a huge bowl of this classic beef chili.

DIY floating glitter tumbler?! sign me up.

how incredible does this roast chicken pho zucchini noodle soup sound?

this orange ginger juice, the prettiest thing i ever did see.

you know i’m the absolute worst with crafts, but you can make a POTATO STAMP. what.

who even thinks of salted caramel apple fritter bread?! amazing.

i don’t need more cheese in my life except that yes i do, so sweet cheese puffs. adore.

love the idea of this bacon and caramelized onion potato salad during this season. so much flavor.