tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I totally called it. The holidays ended and we are getting tons of snow. I 100% love it right now but in, like, two weeks, I’m hoping for tropical weather. I’m also 32 seconds away from buying Max a snowsuit. Also, P.S. this cupcake. You will freak. Finally, P.P.S. I call this Ugg weather, and they won’t leave my feet as long as I’m in the house.

2. Shutterbean meal prep might be my new favorite thing. She has the BEST ideas.

3. Eddie’s been stealing all of my recipe ingredients (by accident) since he drinks green smoothies now. Yes, he is STILL drinking green smoothies every morning! But then he ends up using all the bananas I need and today he took the spinach I needed to work with him. Do I need to start labeling my food with a sharpie?!

4. In the middle of the night I had a serious revelation that I am a grown up. It just FELT like I was an adult. Yeah, nevermind that I own a home, birthed a child and do laundry regularly – that didn’t make me feel grown up. Today for some reason, I do.

5. Please tell me you watched the Tatum lip sync battle. I adore them. 

6. Golden Globes!! What did you think? Did you die over Leo? Did you think it was the best he ever looked? Did you cry when he hugged Kate? Did you wail I’LL NEVER LET GO!? Did you pause your screen and rewind 30 times when he flinched at Gaga? I thought Kate Winslet looked incredible, I love Taraji’s white dress (!!!), Brie Larson, J Law, J Lo – also faves. But I know nothing. Your thoughts?

7. The newest Gwen Stefani line for Urban Decay is robbing my wallet. It’s the worst (best).

8. UM. AND >>> newest Oh Joy for Target? Don’t even get me started.

9. Are you still resolutioning like a champ? I’m killing it in the bullet journal arena and I love doing the journaling prompts, though I’ve missed a few days. I also ate a donut which means nothing, except that most people probably do-nut eat donuts on Jan 5.

10. Whoa whoa. This green caesar mocktail!! I need it in my life. I’m thinking tomorrow. Nothing to do with the donuts.