tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. These breakfast cookies are what I’m planning on making today. Ugh, they sound fantastic. And super easy!

2. Current avocado toast obsession (since it basically has it’s own category in my life now): super thinly sliced cucumbers, drizzle of toasted sesame oil, sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds. DO it.

3. So. One of my “resolutions” was/is to clean as I go and it is finally changing my life. I don’t do it on big recipe days because that’s near impossible but I’m doing it in everyday life and it’s actually working. Who knew? You knew. That’s who.

4. My friend Andie is giving deets on her cookbook today and GUYS, it is amazing. I’ve had a peek and the food is unreal.

5. You know what I’m really kind of over? Bacon in my dessert. Don’t get me wrong – this will probably lead to some wild idea and in two weeks I’ll be sharing a bacon treat with you. But now? Meh.

6. The internet has ruined most communication for me, because I was definitely the tween who spent countless hours on the phone talking to her friends. But now? This is my life.

7. TV! Did you watch Billions? Eddie and I super loved it. Like are really into after only one episode! Even though I refer to the characters as Brody (from Homeland) and Tara (from SOA). Also I’m thinking I might binge on The Americans, because so many of you have told me to watch it and I’m feeling super Felicity-nostalgic right now.

8. Eddie is still doing yoga every single day. It’s awesome, but also hilarious, because he will tell you that he’s the least flexible person on the planet. We did yoga once together years ago and I had to stop ten minutes in because I was laughing so hard. But this past weekend he was even nailing crow pose! I think it’s making him more chill too? Maybe?

9. 22 tiny things you should do everyday. Number 8 oh heck YES.

10. Hair wraps!!, number 24 – these were the things of life in the summer and when school would start back up, because hello, it meant you had been to the beach. Raise your hand if you HAD to have a hair wrap. Pretty sure my mom only let me get one once.

11. Is anyone else in Pittsburgh completely devastated at the closing of Marty’s Market? Ugh! Why universe, why?