tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Word I still can’t spell: opaque. The way that I spell it every single time is completely asinine yet I never learn. My fingers don’t work on the keyboard that way.

2. How absolutely dreamy is this vegan chai cheesecake? Little bites o’ love.

3. I’m also positive that I asked this same question before (back around the same time when I said I couldn’t spell opaque), but what are some of your favorite weekend getaway spots around the U.S.? Inquiring minds are dying to know.

4. Yesterday I woke up with a huge to-do list and dropped it all for the morning to instead do a big closet purge. I felt INSTANTLY better. I cleaned out drawers while Max played at my feet then moved to the closet during naptime. I think knowing that I only had a short amount of time made me more brutal in tossing items I haven’t worn. Also, does anyone actually DO the konmari folding method?!

5. Writing on a blog without fear. Speaking to my soul! 

6. Have you heard about these McDonalds fries with chocolate sauce? That kind of makes me want to die inside. And I even like dipping fries in a milkshake.

7. Like a four year old this morning, I had a muffin and ate only the top. But saved the bottom for someone else.

8. Did you start watching Billions yet?! I can’t get over the weird relationship between Paul Giamatti and Tara (I’m just going to call them what I want, btw), plus there HAS HAS HAS to be something between her and Brody. Right? Right? I like that this is a new show and has nothing to spoil.

9. Oh hey. What if I just want a mediocre life? So good.