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Can I be totally cliche for a moment and say HOW are we nearing the end of February?! What the what? Time is going so fast but on an exciting note, please take a trip to Target and ooogle at all of their adorable Easter stuff. I think I’m going to find some spring decor this weekend because…

Today it’s going to be around 60 degrees outside and I can’t even STAND the excitement. I’m thinking swinging on swings and some park time and then lots of shopping and maybe tacos. Speaking of tacos, I made these fish tacos with pineapple slaw last night and you can find the recipe right there on instagram. They were SO good.

love on the internets this week includes:

this grapefruit and campari sorbet is insanely gorgeous.

craving these sausage kale french bread pizzas like whoa. LOOK at that!

this comfort food, yes: tamale chicken pot pie.

and speaking of pot pies, pot pie PIZZA.

dark chocolate, cinnamon and pomegranate porridge. oh how badly do i want this.

oh my gosh – this prickly lady cocktail?! the color!

can someone please make me breakfast tacos every single morning? thank you.

or we can swap it out with huevos rancheros, because sauce and cheese.

too cute: cherry strawberry and rose pie. those hearts.

sweet potato pancakes with spiced blueberry sauce. vegan and gluten free too!

how delicious does this butterscotch budino with pretzel crumbs look?

tart cherry tartlets. can never get enough cherry.

weekend plans include the ultimate bloody mary. yours?