I did one of these posts back in September and have wanted to do one ever since – here’s what we’ve been up to lately.

Wishing: that every morning could look like this.

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Reading: through Kate Hudson’s book, Pretty Happy. I adore her, I have such a fascination with her, and maybe it’s because my mom always loved Goldie Hawn when I was growing up? I just think she is adorable. Aside from that, I’m really enjoying the book!

Deciding: to post whatever the heck I want on instagram. I don’t like what instagram has become, and I’m just as guilty – reposting content from my blog. I find it so boring. And I know, I’m doing it too. I’ll probably even continue. But then if you want to post something else it’s like OMG DOES IT FIT MY THEME that I don’t even have? and is it really even instagram-worthy? blah. I look at my insta feed and I’m like my entire life is not food, whyyyy am I doing this. I’m not going to repost all my old blog content from years ago because it brings me followers. I completely respect it from a true photographer’s point of view, but I’m definitely not that. So there.

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Seeing: if I can drink my coffee black and seriously I just cannot do it. No no no no no.

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Tasting: allll the things at Smallman Galley. Oh it’s so, so good! I love the idea of it. A few weeks ago my cousin and I ordered the Chicken and Toast from Josephine’s Toast (YES, and entire TOAST PLACE!) which basically tasted like Caesar salad on garlic toast and was incredible. We also ordered the fries and burger from Provision, and I made my own version of these fries that will be coming up on my blog soon. So flipping good.

Plus, um how super cute is it?

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Consuming: everything blood orange, still. I’ve been absolutely blood orange crazy this season. Max loves it too, even though it stains everything to high heavens. On Monday night, I made these blood orange champagne margaritas and wanted to down about seven of them.

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Hoping: that Leo wins the Oscar. I’ll totally DVR his speech and probably listen to it 37 times.

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Making: these Easter egg topiary tree things. YES, I made these! And I totally hate crafts! A few weeks ago my sis-in-law and I made these one Saturday afternoon and I didn’t even throw a massive tantrum. They are super cute annnnd I might want to make a neon one. And a metallic rose gold one. We followed this tutorial right here.

Feeling: so wonderful after getting outside and running around in the fresh air the past few days. It’s been… invigorating! Or something.

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Dreaming: of sushi rolls. I’ve been craving them weekly. Many of you have asked where my favorite sushi is in Pittsburgh and that would be Umi, hands down.

Wondering: how I really feel about the OJ Simpson series on FX. Are you watching? I was at the beach when we watched the live chase on TV and it was CRAZY. I was so young but old enough to understand, and that’s what I know OJ from, not sports. But the show? I have a really hard time taking Ross Gellar seriously. Same with John Travolta.

Snacking: on Cheerios with bananas and almond milk. So boring, simple and classic, right? Eddie and I have been on a huge Cheerios kick thanks to Max and have been eating bowl after bowl with different fruit daily. I love it for an afternoon snack.

Remembering: this time last year when I binge watched Parenthood. OMG I miss it so freaking much.

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Flipping: out over what a great little shopper Max is. I think I’ve talked about this on the baby page, but my mom and I will go shopping for hours on end and he is so super chill. And happy. And that’s not just because my mom gave him about fifty four sips of her milkshake.

Chasing: him constantly. We both look forward to bath times, for different reasons.

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Throwing: an internal tantrum that I 1. lined up these pencils incorrectly by day (do you see it? I cannot stand it.) and 2. that there is only one pencil for “weekend.” I mean really, how difficult would it be to include ONE MORE pencil for Sunday? And how did I not see what I did?

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Struggling: to listen to my intuition and DO certain things and GIVE UP on other things.

Trying: not to let me heart melt over how much Max loves to color. I tape pieces of paper to his high chair tray and give him the big, fat crayons daily. Also, I haven’t been able to throw away any of his random scribbles on the pages. I cannot even BELIEVE that I am this person.

Wearing: this dress to a wedding next weekend. I think!

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Loving: how wonderful a new fresh bouquet of flowers is feeling in our house each week. It makes the atmosphere spring-like, even though last week I was super excited to buy a $1 bouquet of tulips for them to fall apart the next day. $1 people. $1.

Vowing: to learn how to spell bouquet correctly. Because for the third time I just typed out B O Q U E T. Nope.

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Wanting: to tell you about these macarons that came from… wait for it… Sam’s Club. Yes, Sam’s Club. They have two huge variety packs for a fairly low price (I think $20?) and they are actually pretty good! I needed a bunch of macarons for a photo shoot and these fit the bill perfectly. Plus, this pack has a red velvet one AND a speculoos flavor. Pretty darn good.

Saying: how much I value you! Thank you so much for being here.