tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I find the first two or three months of the year to be semi-miserable with gloomy grayness and freezing temps, so I’m wearing as many neons as I can. You should see my lipstick.

2. Holy cow: this buttermilk chocolate chip and passionfruit naked cake needs to happen. Want.

3. If you’ve been following the blog since the start, then you’ll know that Eddie still often adopts the “cheat meal” once a week rule and eats dessert on Saturday nights (while standing over the kitchen sink, of course). Well on Sunday at brunch, he had a cheeseburger AND blueberry pancakes but it “wasn’t his cheat meal.” Seriously. This man.

4. Yesterday I got a notification that it been eleven years since I joined Facebook. That was when you had to be in college to join and my school was one of the last (or at least what FELT like one of the last) to get it. I still remember the day I joined and uploading sooo many photos. See ya later myspace.

5. As I was scrolling on my phone last week, I had a thought that I wish I could type in my own font. Like can’t be instagram captions be in my own handwriting? Who wants to agree that this will probably be possible by 2020.

6. Tracy’s closet organization = goals.

7. TV TV! With every episode I just love Billions more and more. I love Damian Lewis in this role for some reason. And what his wife did to the book writing woman? Holy power trip. Also, did you watch Grease Live?! I’m just going to put this out here: I LOVED IT. I’m already a huge fan of Julianne Hough and while I thought she was incredible (seriously, could anyone else play that role as well?!), who really killed it for me was Vanessa Hudgens as Rizzo. I thought she was fantastic.

8. 22 photos for people who love color. Whoa. I want to frame half of them.

9. What are you having for dinner tonight?