tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Does anyone actually love cacao nibs? Seriously.

2. Whaaaaat. This soft meringue s’mores crumble. With blood orange. Cue brain explosion.

3. You know how I’m always talking about my mombrain? On Saturday night Eddie started freaking out while looking for his credit card, thinking he lost it. He was holding it in his hand. Boom.

4. Speaking of Eddie, I ordered him Tom’s Mom’s cookies for Valentine’s day! Of course, my computer was sitting open, with my email RIGHT THERE the week before and he said “hey why did you order tom’s mom’s cookies?!” Surprise fail.

5. Have you ever had a dream that is SO real, you wake up and think it has actually happened? That was me last night and I am still so mad at Eddie. For my dream. He definitely cheated on me with a super model who had a blogger’s name.

6. Gwen’s new song. I can’t stop.

7. Guys. I seriously don’t know if I can continue to watch The Walking Dead. Eye phobia, as mentioned below? Check. I’m so invested in the characters and we’re so far in that nothing good can come of this. Ugh. But it was possibly the best episode yet? And my boyfriend Daryl was awesome. Oh oh and Billions? Freaking loooove Damian Lewis. Maybe because he looks like Eddie sometimes. Gingers unite. The little twists and turns took me by surprise this week! I can’t stand Wags. I looooove Lara and Wendy (aka, Tara).

8. Creating a habit for almost anything in a year? Read right here.

9. Who has eyelash extensions? Tell me about them. Do they ruin your real eyelashes? I have an extreme phobia of things coming close to my eye (going to the eye doctor is super fun), so that would probably pose a problem. But I’m intrigued.