baby favorites at 15 months I

Hi hi! Max is just shy of 15 months, but I figured… no better time to share a new round of stuff we are loving. And certainly close enough to 15 months, cue the waterworks.

This month, I categorized things to make it slightly easier. You can find other favorites here:

six weeks

ten weeks

six months

nine months

one year

This is a list of some of the things we use often (most, daily!) and what I’ve been keeping track of since our last favorites post.

Also, Max says: please don’t judge my mullet/combover since my parents’ are struggling with my first hair cut. WAH.



If possible, I might be into baby fashion more right now than my own fashion. WHO AM I. Ugh.

h & m slim jeans. I’ve probably received more questions on the jeans Max wears than anything else! We absolutely lovely these h & m slim jeans – they are so stretchy and comfy. Um, and he lives in them. We have them in three colors and… he can still fit into the 4-6 month size. He is a peanut. Also, most 9 and 12 month pants are HUGE on him, so we are wearing the heck out of these until he grows into his new pants. I also bought them in a size up because we’re obsessed.

patagonia coat. Since Max is on the teenier side, I’ve had SUCH a time finding him a comfortable, versatile winter coat that doesn’t swallow him whole. I bit the bullet for this Patagonia (in hopes of passing it down in the future) and it is fabulous. It fits perfectly, snugly and the hood stays up. Ideal in our freezing winter weather. Also, can we please discuss the cold weather coat + car seat issue? If you live in the suburbs that require driving everywhere, what do you do in the winter? We are still really active and go somewhere every day if possible, sometimes a few places. But you’re not supposed to wear the coat in the car seat. I get the whole “bundle them up and put them under a blanket” but 1. bundling him up is too many clothes for the car seat and 2. he is old enough to throw the blanket off. So I put him in his regular outfit. We get to our destination. I get in the back seat, remove him from the car seat and put his coat on. We go do our thing. Get back in the back seat. Remove coat. Back into car seat. Is this the only way if you live in a frigid, must-drive area? Halp me.

hanna anderson sleeper pj’s: this is a repeat but we love the PJs the most! out of all the others. it’s nice that the feet are out so he can walk around (we certainly have our PJ days… ) and better than the separates that ride up over his belly. Love them!

zara leggings: another repeat, but oh ma gosh. Max LIVES in these. We have every pair imaginable. I have to thank Cindy for sending me a pair back when Max was born – I would never know how wonderful they are if it weren’t for her! If Max isn’t in his h&m jeans, he is in these.


diapers, wipes, etc

Pretty simple here – just the basics. We still use the honest shampoo and body wash, along with the healing balm on his skin if needed.

honest overnight diapers. We’ve used honest since Max was in size 1 diapers. They didn’t work as newborn diapers for us, but after size 1 they have been wonderful. He’s never had a diaper rash (this is shocking to me, I guess I just assumed all babies got diaper rashes?) and they very rarely leak. However, sometimes first thing in the morning, right before he wakes up, they leak because they are so heavy. So I added a pack of overnights to our bundle last month and we have loved them.

water wipes. while we love the honest diapers, we really don’t like the honest wipes. They are so dry. They just are so… blah. Water wipes are lifesavers. We use them for EVERYTHING.

honest toothpaste. This is the only toothpaste we’ve tried so far, but Max seems to love it! Or should I say, it doesn’t bother him at all.


food & accessories

We did baby led weaning with Max at six months, so he has been eating whole finger foods since then. He eats pretty much everything I give him and has tasted every flavor and texture imaginable so far. We haven’t reached the picky toddler stage yet! Right now, I still put food on his high chair tray. If I give him a plate, he just wants to throw the plate after a few minutes. We are just starting to introduce baby silverware, so recommendations please!

tommee tippee insulated straw cup. I know I know, there is currently a huuuuge issue on mold and the tommee tippee sippy cups. I know! I’ve checked these straw cups and mine are fine so far. No mold. We love these. We started using them back in November and they are the cup that taught Max how to use a straw. They don’t leak. He loves drinking from them. I even put smoothies in them.

munchkin 360 cup. This is another cup we introduced in December, just as another option. Max also loves drinking from these. We alternate between one of these and a straw cup (or one of each, ha), as he is totally off sippy cups.

earth’s best organic blueberry pancakes. When we first started baby led weaning, I would make a bunch of baby pancakes once or twice and week for Max to snack on. I still do that sometimes. I love that he is eating all food, but it’s also easy for me to do because I’m already in the kitchen a bunch, you know? I don’t want to sound pretentious like *oh my baby only eats things I cook!* While that is mostly the case due to our situation, there are a few convenience foods we’ve tried and loved. These are one of them! They are so simple, delicious (um, Eddie and I have tasted many) and sometimes I’ll make a baby pancake PB and J sandwich. He LOVES them.

ella’s kitchen nibbly fingers: I always stash a few of these “baby granola bars” in my bag when we are gone for hours. Max is a great shopper so far and a great stroller rider. He gets so excited to eat one of these!

stonyfield whole milk yogurt pouches. You might remember that Max has had zero interest in purees or pouches… but he has always loved yogurt. I’ve started giving him a few of these whole milk yogurt pouches and he adores them. They are great since he is self fed – he won’t take anything off a spoon from us unless it’s like ice cream, of course. He sucks them down like a champ. And bonus toy: he loves screwing the top on and off.



A few of our favorites below, and by that I mean “actual” toys, and not remote controls, stand mixer attachments, iphones, whisks, colanders, wooden spoons, lip balms, brown paper bags, shoes or anything else that Max would rather play with. Books in general are a huge favorite, and if there are books around he will usually pick them up and read through them a few times. Or bring them to us to read, which is adorable.

babies r us toy box. Eddie was set on getting a “nice” toy box from pottery barn, but the minute I saw this one with the book shelves on the side, I was sold. I love that the books can always be on display for Max to grab, without having to be IN the box. Makes me hope he will reach for books first. (< book nerd forever.) This is also a great size. Not too long. And completely safe for fingertips.

mega bloks first building legos. Max is obsessed. Not only does he love building with these, he loves dragging around the bag, dumping out all the blocks and putting them all back in the bag.

melissa and doug standard blocks. Eddie and Max build these all the time. He loves simple holding these blocks. They are super sturdy and nice. But heavy. So be careful!

janod pyramid family blocks. This is a fairly new gift I bought Max for Valentine’s day, but has quickly become THEE favorite. He loves stacking these and having other people stack them, then knocking them down like a wild man. I found mine at Barnes and Noble. They have the BEST toys.

9 cube block puzzle. I feel like this should have a disclaimer, because these are cardboard. So that means by this point, pretty much all of the paper is peeling off. But Max ADORES these blocks. I swear he is always carrying one of them around.

fisher price little people super friends, Not sure I’m including this for Eddie or Max, but these are a definite favorite. He loves every version that the fisher price little people come in, but these super heroes are the ones he and Eddie play with every single day. And most of the day, you can find Max carrying around one of two. He flips over them.

fisher price crawl around car. There is not much that Max will sit still for these days, but this car. Oh this car! He sits inside and plays so nicely. He also loves… climbing over it. In fact, I think he climbs in and out maybe more than he sits inside.

happy kids TV app. We downloaded this app on Apple TV and it’s full of nursery rhymes and songs. It’s kind of a parent’s worst nightmare (you will be singing these in the middle of the night while your mind is racing) but Max gets SO giddy when we put the songs on. He loves to dance and sing along. He even mimics some of the dances now. Eeeep.

{none of these items are sponsored and they were all purchased by us or given as gifts by friends/family. there are a few amazon affiliate links above. thank you so much for reading!}