tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Might be a day late, but did you see this leap year rose quartz cake?! I think since it’s leap week, we shall all have a piece.

2. It’s almost green vodka and green beer season. I had the most horrific experience with green vodka in college (even better, it was BANKERS CLUB, ugh what?!) and just the thought makes me cringe. I’d rather eat ten bowls of lucky charms then buy a yard of green beer. You?

3. True life: last week one of the highlights of mom life was going in a new grocery store entrance. WAH. :/

4. TV things! Since Billions wasn’t on, we only watched the Walking Dead. I am so, so nervous about what they are going to do. Someone is going to go and I’m scared of who it may be. I desperately need Nashville to come back on. Annnnd I will admit that Grey’s killed me. Are April and Jackson the new Meredith and Derek?

5. 10 things to do today that you won’t regret tomorrow. So much yes! Can we also include “do not define yourself by your work?” I def need some help there.

6. What dresses did you love best at the Oscars? It should come as no surprise that I was losing it over Naomi Watts’ dress – those sparkles! That color! I also loved Jennifer Garner, Brie Larson and am on the fence about Olivia Munn’s dress. Um and aside from all that: LEO. Leo Leo Leo. Did you see/watch/hear/die over Leo?

7. I still listen to the 1989 album (like, a lot) and love every single song. This probably means you should give me your spring playlist.

8. Justification for my belief that raisins ruin everything. Especially when they masquerade as chocolate chips.