tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Neon eggs, courtesy of leaving each egg in it’s (terrible horrible no good very bad for you, I know!) dye for at least 30 minutes each. Yes, it’s just one big party.

2. While I adore snapchat, it’s to a point where I’m following way too many people. I think on Sunday I spent 36 (THIRTY SIX!) minutes look at the recent updates. Whyyyyy.

3. How freaking cute is this edible paper mache easter egg piñata? I just want it for… every day life? Of course.

4. Please tell me that you saw the news that Josh Malina is going to do a West Wing podcast?! My life is made. My only fear is that it will take waaaay too long to get through the series.

5. TV! Billions, yes. The writing on this show is ridic and wonderful. Highly considering just finding all the spoilers for the Walking Dead over the next two weeks so I don’t have to feel all the feels. GIRLS? I am loving the newest couple even though it’s so “forbidden.” I hope it lasts. I can’t even TAKE Hannah. I am over her. In the first season she was somewhat relatable and occasionally funny, now it’s like she is regressing. I completely forgot to talk about House of Cards last week! I ended up bingeing on it (well, as much as you can binge when you have a kid) and ugh… I’m torn. I still love it. But I just felt so sick to my stomach after the last episode. Bah.

6. Even though Max has tons of toys, his absolute favorites are the TV remotes. Over the weekend he apparently DVRed Ben Hur AND Fiddler on the Roof (how?!) so umm… classic taste?

7. This plan to free your mind from worries? I’m starting it ASAP.

8. It has been so gloomy out that I found myself actually wishing that I could see through an instagram filter lens. Like have clarendon be my eye filter. This is why I hate to love you, 2016.