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Hey hey! So. What are your thoughts on april fools jokes? I am generally no fun and don’t have any interest in it (see also: halloween, I just hate dressing up), but I can imagine that in a few years it will be fun to play a trick on Max, maybe that whole jelly-bean-in-the-ice-maker prank or something. Did you fall for anything?

Weekend things?! I’m hoping to get lots of fresh air, run around outside with Max and maybe grill pizza. Too soon!? We are busy prepping for brunchshop which will be a ton of fun, and I have a few other things up my sleeve. Now if only my toddler will sleep?

Earlier this week I shared my March beauty favorites and over on the pioneer woman, I shared banana donuts with nutella glaze! They are so delicious and I wish I had a dozen to snack on this morning. Don’t miss!

loving on these:

isn’t this rhubarb galette the prettiest?!

four words: carnival themed funfetti cake. oh my gosh.

kitchen spring cleaning and everything you need to know.

excited about these roasted cauliflower tacos with chipotle cream. yes please.

this post on living in excess is fantastic.

this DIY ombre glassware is the cutest.

these photos of cocktails, and tequila + preserved lemon syrup. stunning.

new favorite: breakfast egg salad with bacon.

to make this weekend: vegan chocolate hazelnut cake with whipped ganache.

thai red curry risotto… all over that flavor.

ooooh check out this grapefruit chile spritz. delicious.

salted chocolate malted cupcakes! are exactly what i need in my life.