tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Fontina pepperoni pizza for Eddie on Sunday, and I was extremely depressed that this one photographed so much better than mine.

2. Guys! This pastel rainbow cake? It’s straight out of my dreams.

3. Inquiring (and boring) minds want to know: do you do your laundry all in one day, or do you do a little bit everyday?

4. Having a strong overnight oat obsession this week, where I just mix equal amounts oats with almond milk and let it sit overnight… then trash the top up like it’s nobody’s business. Except now it’s yours!

5. I’m sure it’s my 80s-90s heart talking, but I love the off-the-shoulder trend so, so much. Or, let’s just call it the Kelly Kapowski salute. 

6. THE WALKING DEAD!! I was pretty much sick to my stomach watching the entire episode. I was claustrophobic! I wasn’t as devastated by the ending as everyone else was, because I can’t take losing someone I like. Billions: I can’t get over the chemistry between Wendy and Bobby, they work so well together as actors. Also, I was dying for some insight into how they knew each other, and I think we got that? The scene on GIRLS with Hannah watching out the window was perfection, even if I absolutely cannot stand the character. And, how stunning does Jessa look this season? And finally, am I the only one who weirdly wants Meredith and Alex together on Grey’s? Are they going there?

7. Also, shocker, I’m definitely loving the West Wing podcast and therefore, (super) slowly rewatching the series.

8. As a major magazine junkie, tell me: which one is your fave?

9. Challenge yourself to always be a rookie at something – do you do this? Can you do this? I want to make it a life long goal.