tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Not only did I not know we had tulips (must have been planted before we moved in), I didn’t find out until they were covered in snow. Whyyyyyyy.

2. Ummm can we talk about these pool float donuts?! Also, can we talk about how I want to buy all of those pool floats even though I don’t have a pool, just so I can be cool on instagram?

3. The cookie monster + apple outtakes kill me. Just kill me.

4. It’s totally grapefruit beer season, right?! I tried Ballast Point and really wasn’t a fan. My favorite is still Leinenkugel since it tastes like… juice.

5. I’m trying really hard not to eat sugar at night at the moment (seriously between too much caffeine, too little sleep and a still-nursing babe I’ve been dessert-ing ALL THE THINGS late at night) and you’d think I cut my arm off or something.

6. Thoughts on the season finale of Billions?! I loved it so much, albeit a little lacking in fireworks – but Wendy!! She is the best. Axelrod is by far my favorite character next to her… he’s like a slightly better, non-murdering Tony Soprano. And GIRLS? Could there BE a more unlikeable character in the universe besides Hannah? I think not.

7. Is Twitter over for you? Do you still use Twitter? Eddie says he gets his news from Twitter. I get my late night cravings from Twitter.

8. Remember when I forced myself to like coffee? I kind of want to do the same with tea even though it tastes like dirty water. What’s your favorite tea? Deal breaker: if it says it tastes like chocolate fudge, it should taste like chocolate fudge and not dirty water with hints of chocolate fudge.

9. 5 ways to stop limiting your beliefs. I’m a self-help junkie and I love it.